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police say student with gun at wilson high school put weapon in another student’s bag

by:Kenwei      2019-08-25
A Woodro Wilson High School student was suspected of carrying a semi-automatic pistol into the school and then entering the classroom on Tuesday, he flashed the weapon through the corridor and then put the weapon into another student\'s backpack, according to a D. C.
Police released the report on Wednesday.
A student saw the series of incidents and informed the classroom teacher who called the police, the report said.
Police reportedly arrested students who allegedly put black guns in their bags, the report provides more details about the incident of frightened parents in one of the highest in the area
School of Performance
School and police officials said they were continuing to investigate how weapons entered the school and violated security measures including the front door metal detectors.
Michelle Lerner is a spokeswoman for Washington, D. C. C.
Public schools say video from the school showed a student arrested with a gun passed a metal detector Tuesday morning.
Lerner also said that this bag is X.
But it is not clear whether she was the bag found with the finger gun or the bag used by the arrested student. A D. C.
On Wednesday, a High Court judge ordered the teenager to be placed in the youth rehabilitation service until his next hearing.
The teenager was accused of carrying dangerous weapons, holding unregistered firearms and illegally holding ammunition.
The incident took place shortly after one o\'clock P. M. P. M. m.
High School, 3900 block, Chesapeake Street, near Tenleytown, upper and northwest.
Police reported that one student saw another student show a pistol and then enter the classroom.
Witnesses also saw the student \"put the described pistol in another student\'s bag,\" the report said \".
After the witness told the teacher about the matter, the teacher informed the authorities.
According to the report, police confiscated weapons from their bags and arrested students who were seen inside.
A photo shows a student holding a gun on his leg and the photo is simply posted online and then deleted;
Wilson\'s students and their parents
After the incident, the photos were mailed to the other party and said they thought the photos were relevant, but The Washington Post was unable to determine whether the photos were true or where they were taken.
Wilson High School parent principal Kim Bellis-
The incident caused many disturbing problems.
\"The main thing people want to know is that we have all the so-called security measures in the building, how does this get into the school?
Metal detectors and X-
The machine and security guards at the front door prevent students from carrying items such as glass containers and forks during lunch time.
She says parents are questioning whether layoffs last year will affect safety.
Baylisss and the students noted that there are many entrances to the school, and although the doors are locked, the students can easily open from the inside.
The school\'s principal, Kimberly Martin, wrote in an open letter to the community on Tuesday night that they checked the school\'s \"All 50 + first doors/entrances \", and \"increased the doors of our time at school.
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