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pet bottle shredder machine installed at mgr bus terminal in madurai | madurai news - times of india

by:Kenwei      2019-09-18
Madulai: On Friday, a PET bottle Shredder was installed at the manager bus terminal to handle the plastic produced at the busy terminal.
Aneesh Sekhar, commissioner of madoulai company, unveiled the machine, saying that plastic waste can be recycled and used meaningfully and that people must provide support.
Madorai has forced the use of chopped plastic when laying roads.
If plastic waste is properly managed, it may have less environmental impact, he said.
The installation of the Shredder is an initiative of the W2W enterprise created by two cities
Dana Lakshmi and kriyankari Magesh Kumar are women.
Magesh Kumar, Mentor at Mentor w, said the machine can handle up to 25 PET bottles per minute.
Three sensors are installed on the machine.
While two of them are meant to identify the material of the input machine, not the plastic PET bottle, the other is to alert the accumulated amount of plastic.
Chopped plastic will be recycled safely.
He said they plan to install more such machines in the city of madoulai.
R. Vasudevan, dean of the School of Engineering at Thiagarajar, developed the concept of building roads using plastic waste, saying that no other material in the world is as useful as plastic.
Plastics cannot be blamed for environmental problems, instead users have to be blamed for mishandling them.
Plastic debris can be used to lay roads and even to make clothes.
The road laid with plastic is durable for up to 10 years.
It requires 10 lakh plastic tote bags to place one-
Kilometers, he said.
He suggested adding a clause to the machine to motivate the public to use the system.
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