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past, present, future: how lax airport has changed over the last 90 years

by:Kenwei      2019-08-26
Los Angeles International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, recently celebrated its 90th anniversary.
Incredible vintage photos show the simplicity of past air travel, while airports look to the future.
When the Los Angeles International Airport started operating in 1928, there was no regular passenger operation at the airport-Los Angeles International Airport historian Ethel Pattison described it as \"a rabbit running around
First structure, Hangar One
1. It was not completed until June 1929, and after major airlines began to transfer their facilities to Los Angeles International Airport, the main terminal complex was completed in 1961.
On 1936, the national aviation competition was held at the then Los Angeles Municipal Airport.
The picture shows the smoke from the bomb when a military plane conducts a wartime exercise for the viewing crowd.
In another photo, the stunt pilot performed on the glider because it was placed on the truck.
On 1961, the first plane arrived at the new Los Angeles International Airport.
Passengers walked into themselves on the moving sidewalk.
United Airlines service baggage claim area.
Travelers in the past drove to the airport-once air travel became mainstream, there was usually a long wait to pick up and drop off passengers during the peak of holiday travel.
Cars with overheated radiators can cause traffic jams outside the airport.
While driving is still one of the main ways to get into the airport, countless road networks are connected to the Los Angeles International Airport. Car-
Fewer travelers can easily call Uber, or take an airport shuttle at Los Angeles International Airport to take passengers to downtown Los Angeles. A.
Hollywood, Westwood and Van Nuys.
Next year, the Metro will extend the Green Line to connect with the new Crenshaw/LAX Line station.
2023 Electric Man-
The mobile train will bridge the gap between the Los Angeles International Airport and the new Metro station, so passengers can use the Metro train to seamlessly get in and out of the Los Angeles International Airport.
Flying is a much simpler process before strengthening airport security, without metal detectors or X-ray machines.
The travelers will board their plane and someone will take their luggage and pack them into the cabin.
Only police stationed at the airport can provide basic security for passengers.
At present, multiple layers of security are required for boarding. Self-
The Los Angeles International airport kiosk simplifies the bag inspection process, and the automatic screening channel further speeds up the carrying speed.
During baggage handling, the number of loading stations is five times that of the loading station, so travellers can pass through the slower loading station.
Future travelers will be able to check-
Face recognition is used.
Earlier this year, British Airways and Lufthansa launched the technology at Tom Bradley International Airport;
The next attempt will be Qantas and Air Korea.
Back in the 1960 s, travelers will go straight through the terminal building and get onto the tarmac through portable stairs, and even VIPs will go through the process.
Ordinary travelers can now fly by Jeep, while VIP travelers can now use private suites.
The Private Suite is a newly built terminal, only a few miles from Los Angeles International Airport, with its own private TSA security check and a team of eight people to help each tour party, from escorting to the private lounge, to driving a BMW 7 Series sedan through the tarmac, to flying a plane.
Who knows what the future will bring-but from the speed of technological progress over the past 90 years, we will certainly see more big changes.
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