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p.e.i. government contributes to 2nd expansion for beer company

by:Kenwei      2019-09-14
This is the second time in less than a year. E. I.
The government is providing loans to the People\'s Bank of China. E. I.
Winemaking companies are funding expansion.
Jeff Squires, president of the company, said expansion would allow the companyE. I.
To meet the growing demand for its products.
\"There is a growing demand for sports. E. I.
\"Beer products across the country are another example of food and drinks produced on Prince Edward Island getting better and better,\" beerres said at a news conference . \".
The province provided the company with a loan of $746,366.
The money will be used for new brewing and packaging equipment.
Last summer, the province participated in a joint funding arrangement with the Atlantic Canadian opportunity agency for Phase I expansion.
It offers a loan of $754,132 and a loan of $500,000 from ACOA. P. E. I.
Winemaking received $1.
25 m new equipment, expansionE. I.
\"The Brewing Company is an important Manual brewing exporter on the island,\" Chris Palmer, minister of economic development, said in a press release.
He said the expansion will enable the company\'s products to reach a wider audience nationwide. More P. E. I newsP. E. I.
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