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outdated airport security is leaving the door open to bombers

by:Kenwei      2019-08-26
The threat of terrorism has changed a lot, but airport security is still in the past, fighting 1960 and 1970 terrorism.
To make matters worse, outdated security means are to help and incite terrorists.
When the staff checked the production of the mummy, there was a huge queue at the checkpoint.
Up is put into plastic bags, creating an ideal target for suicide bombers: why try boarding when you can explode thousands of people in the terminal?
The security checkpoints we know today were initially deployed extensively in late 1960 and early 70 s.
They demonstrated the effectiveness of their handling of flight hijacking to Cuba in the United States.
The hijackers hold handguns, knives or grenades.
Archway metal detectors and X-
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