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on ebay: mario mania + legos = ultimate fanboy idol

by:Kenwei      2019-09-15
For Mario lovers around the world: Mario mania has been expressed online for a while (including How-To).
The recent achievements bring together two classic favorites: mariogar Lego.
Ultimate Nerd Idol: The biggest Lego Mario in the world.
Currently available on Ebay: \"The biggest Lego toy-
Mario in the world(
Size over 9/70. 8 in)
The game frenzy officially unveiled the statue at the Lego world expo in October 22, 2009, two weeks before it was built with the help of a professional Lego maker.
There are 70 statues. 87 inch (5. 9 ft / 180 cm)
Contains more than 40.
Lego blocks weighing more than 110 (50 kg).
Profits will go to charity: McDonald\'s charity in the Netherlands.
\"Build your own Nintendo-themed Lego toy.
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