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obesity plan puts nation on weighing scales

by:Kenwei      2019-08-20
The calorie count on the menu will be mandatory from next year as many restaurants, hotels and cafes refuse to display information voluntarily.
The move is part of the government\'s new strategy to tackle the obesity crisis, which Health Minister Simon Harris has admitted is a \"time bomb \".
He said: \"Obesity can be prevented to a large extent, but the solution is not simple and the challenge is great . \"
We know that one out of every four children in Ireland is overweight or obese.
\"The plan will last more than ten years with 60 actions and a schedule for each
But there is no money to implement the key measures.
It will rely heavily on funds generated by the carbonated drinks tax, which will take effect in 2018.
There will be voluntary industry codes for food advertising, promotion and marketing.
It relies on food companies to voluntarily change the sugar, salt and fat content in their products.
But the minister said they would make legislation if they remained healthier.
The purpose of the plan is
It promised to bring the country into weighing scale.
The aim is to see a downward trend in the country\'s overweight 5 PCs over the past decade.
It wants 10 PCs to reduce the gap in obesity levels between the highest and lowest socioeconomic groups with the most serious problems.
Schoolchildren will be a special target, and food companies that provide meals in schools must ensure that they are \"partially controlled \".
\"Schools will be encouraged to make children more active during the day and to designate certain days as\" walking school days \".
It will provide professional development support for teachers.
A revised food pyramid will be unveiled in the coming weeks.
Health promotion minister Marcella Corcoran Kennedy said it would encourage people to eat less bread, potatoes and grains and more fruits and vegetables.
A national activity plan released earlier this year aims to increase the number of people exercising each year by 50,000.
Professor Donnell O\'Shea, an obesity expert who treats obese patients, warned that many of the patients he saw \"bombs have exploded \".
\"They are people who don\'t go out anymore.
Their lives are mostly obese.
\"He welcomed.
The long-awaited plan and said he was particularly pleased that the actions were accompanied by a timetable.
Proposal for appointment of clinical supervisor-
Obesity specialist-
He added that it was also encouraging for HSE to monitor its implementation.
He hopes it won\'t gather dust like the task force report on obesity a decade ago, which \"died in the water\" a year later \".
He warned that if action was not taken, the country would become \"bad\" because of the size of the problem \".
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