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now strawberry farmers have to use metal detectors: workers are ordered to scan all of their fruit to stop needle contamination - and they\'ll lose their export licence if they don\'t

by:Kenwei      2019-08-28
Strawberry growers must install metal detectors on their production lines to prevent needle contamination as panic continues.
The new rules force growers to prove that their fruit has passed through metal detectors or x-
Export is prohibited.
These devices cost at least $30,000 and are a huge expense for small family farms, but the Department of Agriculture will no longer issue licenses unless they are installed.
For strawberry export licenses to be approved, exporters will be required to provide assurance to the department that their goods are free of metal contaminants, the department said.
These Measures apply to fresh strawberries exported to all markets and will continue to be effective until the risk of metal contaminants is properly managed.
So far, in dozens of cases across the country, seven brands have found needles or other sharp metals, creating a panic that has wiped out sales.
Pinata Farm in varumran, north of Brisbane already has an x-
The machine that was being used and demonstrated last week reassured customers.
Joe Schwarer, operations manager, showed us how strawberries go through x-
Thunder on the conveyor belt
When the test strip is placed in punnet, it is automatically diverted from the conveyor belt for more careful inspection.
Every behemoth passed there. . .
The siren rings and enters a bin that only our quality control personnel can open, he said.
But metal detectors and x.
Since police believe it is not on the farm, Ray machines may not be able to stop the pollution crisis.
The culprit is most likely to be inserting needles in the packaging center and sending punnets from the farm before handing them out to retail stores.
Gavin Scurr, the owner of Pinata, said earlier in the crisis that demand quickly fell by more than half and \"crashed\" the industry \".
He is not sure how long it will take for the grower to stand up, like any other disease --
For more than a year, the market has collapsed due to the fruit panic.
One of the affected farms, the donibrook berries in northern Brisbane, promised to install metal detectors after seeing supermarkets ban their inventory in panic.
Over the weekend, the small family farm was forced to pour millions of strawberries worth thousands of dollars into the ditch.
With the black labels of Berry obsession, Berry deliciousness, delightful strawberries, love berries, Oasis and Mal, supermarkets still ban them from entering.
New Zealand has indefinitely canceled sales of all Australian strawberries, and some buyers in the UK and Russia have cut sales across the country.
Just in case, Coles and Aldi removed all strawberries except Western Australia from the shelves last week.
On Monday, after consultation with growers and the food safety department, they began to return fruit from unaffected brands to the shelves.
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