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new weapon in airport security explained

by:Kenwei      2019-08-23
Travelers are still used to taking off their shoes in public, pouring shampoo into small bottles, and may soon have to adapt to new conditions at airport security lines --
Huge Machines, scan their bodies and look for anything that terrorists can do harm in flight. High-tech, full-
Some airports are already using body scanning machines, but as security officials around the world respond to the attempted attack on a passenger plane at Christmas, the machine may become more common.
The Netherlands announced on Wednesday that all flights from Amsterdam Airport to the United States will use scanners, and an official in Nigeria later said that the country plans to purchase full-
Body Scanner too
Special report: What exactly are these machines in the Christmas terrorist attack and how do they work?
What are the drawbacks of using these types of scans?
Popular news Dayton striker Barr responds to the death of Epstein in response to the outbreak of the deadly Legion interviewed by Tulsi Gabbard. Here are some questions and answers about these devices.
Q: These are full-
Does the body scanner work?
A: The scanner mainly has two types: \"millimeter wave\" and \"reverse scattering.
The millimeter wave unit sends radio waves through one person and produces three
Get the size image by measuring the energy reflected back.
Low use of reverse scattering machineslevel X-
Create two kinds of light
Image of the size of the body.
Q: What kind of things can they find?
A: The design of the machine is to reveal what a physical shot is.
It may appear down, but the metal detector cannot be found.
Includes plastic or chemical explosives and non-metallic weapons in your pocket or tied to someone.
These machines can also find guns, knives and other metal objects that can detonate metal detectors.
Q: What can\'t they find?
A: Under normal circumstances, the machine can\'t find the objects hidden in the cavity.
As a result, the scanner will not prevent at least one common method of smuggling used by drug dealers.
Q: How common are they at airports?
A: due to concerns that these scans violate the dignity of travelers by showing the body outline, European officials usually limit the machine to the airport or train station for testing. In U. S.
Airport, Traffic Safety Administration has begun to expand the use
Although passengers can choose a body scanning machinedown instead.
TSA has 40, just bought 150, and plans to buy another 300.
Six machines are in use, not metal detectors at Albuquerque AirportM. ; Las Vegas; Miami; San Francisco; Salt Lake City;
And Tulsa in orcas.
The other 34 were used for secondary screening of people who detonated metal detectors in Atlanta;
Dallas/Fort Worth; Denver; Detroit; Indianapolis;
Jacksonville and Tampa in Florida. ; Los Angeles; Phoenix; Raleigh-Durham, N. C. ; Richmond, Va. ;
Two airports in the Washington area: Baltimore/Washington and Reagan National airports.
Q: Is there a way to make the scan less exposed?
A: The development of this technology reduces the clarity of identifying details.
These systems blur the face or produce body images that look like a chalk outline.
Full advance at Amsterdam airport-
After trying the new software, the body scanner projects a stylized image
Not a real picture.
On the computer screen.
It highlights the area of the object hidden under the pocket or clothes.
TSA says it uses logistics to protect privacy. Full-
Watch body images on the wall
Location not visible to the public.
The security officer assisting the passenger was unable to view the image, and the security officer who viewed the image could not see the passenger.
If the officer looking at the image sees something of concern, he will notify the agent with the passenger for further screening.
The machines cannot store or print images, and officials watching the images are not allowed to bring cameras or mobile phones into the screening room, TSA said.
Q: How long does it take to scan?
A: The machine is getting faster and faster, but it still takes 15 seconds to scan the traveler, which may be slower than using a metal detector.
TSA officials point out that these machines can be faster in some cases.
For example, someone with a medical device that normally starts a metal detector does not need to do multiple scans through the machine or be pulled aside for additional screening.
Q: Do security officials want to use the complete
Everyone\'s body scanner on the plane?
A: It may not be realistic at the moment. in the U. S.
In this case alone, there are 730 checkpoints in 2,100 airports across the country, 450 safe passages, and thousands of safe passages in airports around the world.
Cost could be a problem.
The price of each machine can be $130,000 to $200,000.
Take Amsterdam, where the machine is already in place, for example: 15 scanners at the airport are not enough to scan every American citizenS. -
Passenger, so Pat-
Search down will still be used.
Whether this strategy will be replicated at other airports remains to be seen.
Q: especially for people who travel a lot, does the scanner pose a risk to health?
A: TSA says the technology is harmless.
Millimeter wave energy is common in the world, and TSA says the scanner generates far less energy than the phone. The X-
The light in the reverse scattering machine is weak;
TSA says the radiation is equivalent to the radiation a person gets two minutes after flying on the plane.
TSA will provide body care if anyone is worried about the technologydown.
More reports from CBSNews.
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