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new treatment will cure arthritis in three weeks

by:Kenwei      2019-09-16
No arthritis now.
This is a problem whether in India or in the Western world.
About 14% of Indians suffer from some form of arthritis.
No arthritis now.
This is a problem whether in India or in the Western world.
About 14% of Indians suffer from some form of arthritis.
This actually means that nearly 0. 15 billion people in India are victims of arthritis.
However, there is a new
Interventional techniques that can relieve pain in patients with arthritis.
SBF healthcare has introduced a new treatment that can reduce knee pain and surgery in patients with arthritis.
\"Earlier, arthritis was treated through diet adjustment and exercise because there was no treatment that could reverse the course of the disease.
Later, knee replacement surgery was performed, and many people found a solution in the operation.
However, the latest technology is sequential programming of magnetic fields (SPMF)
Also called quantum magnetic resonance therapy.
It is absolutely safe and has no radiation. Retd)
Dr. VG Vasishta, founder and CEO of SBF healthcare.
The new technology was developed by Dr. Vasishta during the Air Force and later practiced at SBF healthcare.
Treatment is No.
Proof of invasion, security and science.
\"I am the director of radiology at the Institute of Aerospace Medicine, where several clinical trials were successfully conducted six years ago,\" the doctor explained . \".
The technology is now widely used in Mumbai and Bangalore.
The patient needs to receive this treatment for 21 days per day, 1 hour per day, after which the patient\'s condition is assessed and a decision is made if he needs further treatment.
SPMF is managed through the computer \"aktis som\"
Control devices using programmed magnetic fields.
Padmini Balram, a retired bank executive and a frequent traveler, is enjoying the fullest possible life thanks to SPMF treatment.
\"Life was hard about six years ago.
I have severe pain in my right knee and can\'t even take a few steps.
I have to rely on steroids.
I \'ve tried everything from Ayurvedic to homeopathy.
\"At the end of the day, my doctor advised me to go for a knee replacement operation,\" Padmini recalls . \".
She learned about the new technology through a newspaper advertisement and decided to receive treatment in August 2005.
\"I was treated for 21 days and recovered 100%.
\"I haven\'t had any knee problems so far,\" she added . \".
Dr. Premila Kulkarni, a retired obstetrics and gynecology professor, is a victim of arthritis.
\"I have had arthritis in the last 12 to 13 years.
My knee is swollen and the pain is so bad.
I used
Joint injections and painkillers every day.
\"Knee replacement surgery is the only option,\" she said . \".
When Premila came into contact with SBF healthcare in 2008, she has been guaranteed 50% to 60% cure since she had advanced grade 4 arthritis.
\"After 21 days of treatment and physiotherapy, I have now recovered nearly 90%.
\"I can walk and travel by myself,\" she added . \".
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