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new metal detectors at state airports to check gold smuggling

by:Kenwei      2019-08-25
Customs and central excise duties will soon install electronic detectors that are not sensitive
Magnetic metal from three airports in Kerala to check for rampant gold smuggling from the Gulf to India.
Additional excise commissioner
Ravindranath told Hindus that the current sensors at the airport are more suitable for detecting non-ferrous metals and are less sensitive to gold, platinum or silver. The X-
The fax machine at the airport can easily detect the gold hidden in the passenger\'s luggage.
The latest metal detectors will help law enforcement officers intercept carriers who hide gold in a body cavity or in a person.
The detector will also be installed in Green-
Exit from the airport.
The central government has increased import taxes on gold to curb imports that have led to a record current account deficit in the country.
However, the rise in tariffs did not curb the huge domestic demand for gold.
In India, the price of gold is at least 6 percentage points higher than in the Gulf region, which makes it very profitable to smuggle.
Customs enforcers say organized smuggling networks, similar to those that existed in India before economic liberalization in early 1990, recruited carriers, mostly low
Paid migrant workers employed in the Gulf region smuggled gold into India.
The Carri smuggled gold in their body cavity, or tied the metal to the inside of the thigh, ankle and back, or hid it in the abdominal belt and knee cap.
Smugglers often instruct their carriers to remit tariffs back if they feel they will be caught.
Successful operators have made higher profits.
Revenue Intelligence recovered 1 last year.
A passenger intercepted at Cochin airport had 4 kg kilograms of biscuits in his rectum.
Mangalore reported similar gold seizures (
Hidden in canned oats)
Hyderabad and Chennai this year.
However, seizures are only a small part of Gold (
Estimated 250 tons)
Smuggled into this country.
Investigators say
Based on the network (
Illegal and largely anonymous cash transfer practices preferred by people who want to avoid normal banking channels for different reasons)
They are now more willing to compensate their agents in India with smuggled gold.
The market price is 1.
India is estimated to have 5 kg gold. 50 lakh.
The Ha la network prefers to \"transfer gold\" rather than other goods into India, as it guarantees their \"immediate liquidity\" with considerable profits \".
Smuggling Gold also helped them.
Money laundering operations.
A customs enforcer pointed out that at least 315 flights landed at the international airport here every week.
The airport receives at least 40,915 passengers a week.
It is impossible to carry out a thorough search of all passengers, especially women.
The new sensors will help the department to strengthen their duty collection, which has touched on allTime high for Rs3.
5 crore this year alone.
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