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naxal-affected areas: crpf to procure 1,150 metal detectors

by:Kenwei      2019-09-07
Explosive machine should be held;
Including the battery, the weight is not more than 750 gms;
Given the increase in the number of mine casualties in left-wing extremism, at least 400 people should have died (LWE)
Affected areas of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)
Equipped with deep search mines and metal detectors (DSMD)
Machines and blasting machines and explosive detection kits to stop falling prey.
To this end, approximately 1,150 DSMDs and three blasting machines and explosive detection kits are being purchased by CRPF.
The troops said that mines and metal detectors should be light-weight by non-
Corrosive materials.
\"The total weight of the equipment, including all accessories and sturdy and durable suitcases, should not exceed 12 kg,\" said a senior CRPF official . \".
In addition, officials said the probe package should be easy to carry and operate in all weather conditions.
\"It should be able to detect all types of explosives before and after the explosion,\" the official said . \".
At the same time, the force has also strengthened the facilities at Camp Nassar
Through security related expenditures (SRE)
Funds for the construction of facilities.
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