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navdeep bains was asked by tsa to remove his turban. u.s. officials express \'regret\'

by:Kenwei      2019-09-07
About a year ago, at an airport in Detroit, Canada\'s cabinet minister, Navdeep Bains, found himself in an unprecedented predicament.
Innovation Minister, science and economic development, said in a television interview on Thursday that airport security personnel had repeatedly asked him to remove the headscarf, even after he passed security and arrived at the gate.
The devout Sikh Ban said he was allowed to fly only after showing a diplomatic passport to the agent.
\"I feel very embarrassed,\" he said . \"
\"This is not what I expected.
I have been to America. S.
On many occasions
In a statement to CNN, Bains said: \"In Sikh, wearing a headscarf is considered to be one of the most conscientious acts against a person of faith . \".
According to the propaganda organization Sikh Alliance, this practice \"demonstrates the public\'s commitment to upholding traditional values and ethics, including service, compassion and honesty \".
After the incident, Canadian officials contacted the United States, Bains said. S.
The government, according to French La Presse, received an apology
Language news website
La Presse was the first person to report on the minister\'s experience in an article published on Thursday.
While Bains said he accepted the apology, he decided to make his story public to raise awareness of diversity and inclusion.
\"Because of the challenges they face themselves, many Canadians can relate to the story,\" he told reporters in Toronto . \".
In 2015, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced \"the most diverse cabinet in the country\'s history,\" including four Sikh federal ministers, according to the post.
The Bains incident took place on April 2017, when he was on his way back to Canada crossing the Detroit Metro Airport.
He attended an event in Michigan where officials discussed \"strengthening Canada --U. S.
He said.
According to CNN, Bains said he cleared the metal detector without any problems, but he was subject to additional safety measures due to his headscarf. In 2007, the U. S.
The Traffic and Safety Administration has revised screening procedures for people traveling with headscarves, such as headscarves.
According to The Associated Press, according to the new regulations, travelers can keep their headgear when they pass airport security checks.
Bains said that when \"there were some challenges and problems with the cotton signing machine, there was a setback in his screening process.
According to Fox News, a swab was taken to check if a person was exposed to the explosive material.
The sample is run by a machine that tests a bomb or explosive residue or drug trace.
When the machine issued a warning, the officer asked Bains to cancel his headscarf as part of a secondary search.
\"I told him that the machine is not working well,\" he told La Presse . \".
\"I asked him to repeat the sampling test again.
If there is a problem, we can consider other options because I think it is a violation of my personal life.
The second test showed that there was no prohibited substance in Burns\'s headscarf and that the minister was able to reach his door.
But this is not the end of his travel legend.
Upon arriving at his gate, Bains said that another TSA agent approached him and asked him to return to the security checkpoint, remove the headscarf and say that the proper security agreement was not complied.
In the end, Burns did something he knew would convince you. S.
He\'s not a threat.
He showed them his diplomatic passport.
\"In the end, I was allowed to fly, but that\'s because of who I am, and that shouldn\'t be the case,\" he said . \".
In an interview with La Presse, Bains explained that he deliberately concealed himself as a government official while traveling because he wanted to \"better understand the experience of ordinary people.
\"It doesn\'t matter what your status is and how your position is,\" he said in a television interview . \".
\"It\'s really about making sure people are not discriminated against and are treated with fairness and respect.
Bains said he was lucky that his position allowed him to talk to the United States about what happened to him. S. officials.
Canadian Foreign Minister Kristia Freeland said in an interview on Thursday that he expressed \"Canada\'s views\" to the United States\"S. government.
She said the dialogue was \"official to official \".
\"We have heard that Minister Bain is having trouble at the border,\" Freeland said . \".
\"I think it is important for us to support Minister ban and, frankly, for all Canadians who cross the border.
TSA also issued a statement, according to CNN.
\"We regret that the screening experience did not meet Mr. . . expectations.
TSA spokesman Michael McCarthy said in a statement.
\"After reviewing the closure of the airport --
Circuit video, we determined that the officer who performed the screening did not follow the standard operating procedures and therefore received additional training.
The statement went on to say, \"all persons wearing hoods may be subject to additional security checks, including an officer --
Conduct or self-conducted pat-down.
TSA does this to ensure that prohibited items or weapons are not hidden under any type of clothing and are taken to the plane.
This policy covers all headwear and is not intended for any particular project or group.
Although Bains said he understands the importance of security, he added that it is essential to focus on people who understand different backgrounds and beliefs.
Discrimination is a phenomenon he often sees, he said. . .
There are so many people with different backgrounds.
\"I hope now that I am talking about this issue and now that it is open, we can avoid it,\" he said . \".
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