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mums-to-be may pass on cancer risk via fatty diet

by:Kenwei      2019-09-13
Studies show that women who eat high-fat foods during pregnancy may inadvertently increase their daughter and granddaughter\'s risk of breast cancer.
Long-term exposure to hormones-
Just as chemicals in food and drinking water may have a similar effect on future generations.
This finding can explain why breast cancer often occurs in the home, even if known genetic genes account for only a small number of cases.
The researchers fed pregnant female mice
From the fat diet before pregnancy to when they give birth. googletag. {});
Their daughter is 55% to 60% more likely to develop breast cancer than her mother\'s normal-eating animals.
When the daughter finally gives birth, the risk of breast cancer is also high for their female offspring.
The risk of increased fat diet has not expanded to a large-
The granddaughter of the mouse.
But three generations have felt the effects of hormone supplements.
The daughter of pregnant rats who added synthetic estrogen to their food was 50% more likely to develop breast cancer.
The same level of increased risk affects their granddaughter and their greatness --granddaughters.
Plastic, paint, food packaging and electrical equipment contain a large number of chemicals with estrogen properties.
Although they are low
Experts believe that toxic levels
Long-term exposure to this endocrine disrupting chemical may have important biological effects on fertility and other aspects of health. googletag. {});
Sonia de Assis, chief scientist at Georgetown University in the United States, said: \"This study presents a direction for women\'s future research.
Whether a woman\'s susceptibility to breast cancer development depends on what her grandmother eats when she is pregnant, or whether she is exposed to high levels of estrogen-
Maybe inadvertently.
Through the environment, \"it is easy to see how this study has an impact on human health, because fatty foods are prevalent in our society and the level of long-term exposure to endocrine disruptors is low --
Substances with hormone activity, such as estrogen-
Found in food and drinking water.
The findings, published in the online edition of the journal Nature Communications, are believed to be caused by environmental effects on genes.
Certain chemicals exposed to the uterus can determine whether a particular gene is turned on or off.
The evidence suggests that this \"epigenetic\" effect can be consolidated into DNA and transmitted to offspring.
This means that chemicals in the environment can change gene activity without producing new mutations.
In this case, it seems that the drug responsible is estrogen.
Diet is part of it because fat provides the raw material for the production of estrogen in the body. try {_402_S }catch(e){}
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