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mum says she almost died from sesame seeds ‘hidden’ in british airways wrap

by:Kenwei      2019-09-13
A mum-of-
The two said she thought she would die on a plane in front of her family because she had a serious allergic reaction to the sesame seeds hidden in a chicken bag.
Sonia Bagga, 39, took two out of the package when she returned home on a British Airways flight from Dubai on September 9 and then fell on the floor.
She said she felt the rope tightened slowly around her neck as she had an allergic reaction while boarding the plane, and then she was rushed to hospital as soon as she landed at Heathrow.
Sonia was severely allergic to sesame and claimed she told the BA staff in Dubai about her allergy, but the information was not passed on to the crew.
The ingredients are not listed on the food package she gets.
She said the doctor told her that she was lucky not to have suffered serious brain damage or even death.
Sonia, from warkingham winnash, has instructed travel claims specialist Hudgell counsel to investigate whether British Airways has failed to meet its duty of care for passengers.
The senior sales and events executive said: \"It was the most terrible experience of my life and I thought I would die in front of my husband and children.
\"I remember when I got weak, my legs gave up and I really had a hard time breathing and breathing.
The staff looked panicking and made some calls before confirming that there was indeed Sesame.
She said she was \"very careful\" about what she was eating and would never eat bread with seeds, but the packaging looked \"very simple \".
\"Everything happened so fast, it was terrible, like the air was squeezed out of me,\" she said . \".
I was told that these two Epi-
The pen I was injected with is crucial, and if it is not injected at the right time, I may have brain damage or even death.
Legal experts say it is the responsibility of British Airways to highlight allergens.
Natasha Ednan is at 2016.
15-year-old Laperouse fainted on a British Airways flight and died of cardiac arrest as he was severely allergic to a French stick purchased from Heathrow Terminal 5 Pret a Manger
Her parents are therefore promoting the introduction of \"natasha\'s law\" to strengthen labeling regulations.
Sonia collapsed a few weeks before Natasha\'s investigation began this year and felt that she had not learned the lesson.
\"It was frightening to read about Natasha\'s tragic case, which made me realize that I was lucky to have a doctor on board and that we were only an hour away from landing to be able to go to the hospital.
Anne Thomson, travel litigation claims specialist at Hudgell Solicitors, said: \"Our client said she informed the airline that she was allergic when checking in Dubai.
We don\'t know if this information was passed on to the crew.
When Mrs. Bagga raised concerns while struggling to breathe, the staff did not even know what was in the food they provided and could not answer her questions.
This is a major problem in itself.
Staff should be aware that there are any potential allergens in the food they provide, and businesses should make sure they have a clear mark on the label.
Missing these factors can put people at risk.
A spokesman for British Airways said: \"The safety and welfare of our customers has always been our top priority and we take allergen issues very seriously.
We provide a lot of information about ba.
Com and urge anyone with severe allergies to contact our passenger medical clearance department before the flight so that we can provide appropriate guidance and support.
On request, there is a complete list of allergens for each meal on board.
When our crew was told that she had eaten after dinner, we were told for the first time that the customer was allergic.
They immediately sought medical support on board for medication and arranged for medical staff to meet the plane.
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