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mum bites down on one-inch metal spike in her aldi steak and is told it was in the cow while it was alive

by:Kenwei      2019-08-31
A frightened mom found a metal spike in her Aldi steak.
When the supermarket claimed that it was still alive, it was stunned when it was embedded in the cow. Anna Wood-
Penn, 36, took a bite of shiny --
Inch bolt has a steak dinner with his family at home.
Aldi\'s meat supplier investigated and told council health inspectors that unknown objects may exist in animals at the time of slaughter.
But the expert could not find where it came from because the supplier of the supermarket lost it after the handover of the Council health inspector.
The company did not explain how the item was overlooked into the package for £ 3.
Loin, an Ashfield Farm Cow, insisted that its metal detectors were working properly at the time.
Two Anna\'s mothers, a recruitment consultant from North ants Marlborough, bought several steaks from an Aldi store in Northampton.
She told The Sun: \"I invited the whole family for a special occasion.
\"I took a bite of the hard stuff and looked down and there was a shiny object in my food. \"I was shocked.
I have to make sure that other family members have checked their food as well because I am worried that one of them will suffocate.
\"I contacted Aldi and they didn\'t seem to be bothered about it.
The only thing they care about is biting the metal off of me.
\"She refused to send the item to Aldi because he was worried that the supermarket would be lost and she would never know how it got into her food.
Instead, she handed it over to the investigators of the Council\'s Ministry of Environmental Health, who then sent it to Aldi\'s meat supplier to see if it came from one of their machines --
Then it\'s gone.
An official of the Northampton autonomous city council later wrote to Anna: \"Due to the loss of metal, further investigation of the source of the metal cannot be carried out.
\"It has been suggested that this metal may exist before beef
Slaughter may occur if the cow is injured by a foreign body that is not found in the muscle, E. G. g. fencing wire.
\"Unfortunately, in the absence of metal, the supplier is unable to send it out for further testing and analysis to confirm this.
Anna said: \"They think something hurts the animals in the field.
\"In my opinion it looks like something falling off the machine, but we will never know because they lost it as much as I was worried about.
\"I didn\'t hurt myself, but that\'s not the point.
The worst thing is that they don\'t even apologize.
\"Aldi has never contacted me since it happened almost five months ago --
I don\'t even have a refund for the steak.
\"It\'s outrageous that they don\'t care so much about customers.
\"The Northampton autonomous city council said it had conducted a joint investigation with the South brid County Council, Aldi and their meat suppliers following Anna\'s complaint on August.
The spokesman said: \"After thorough and adequate investigation, it is concluded that the meat supplier has established appropriate procedures to minimize the risk of such complaints, the incident is isolated.
\"The metal was sent to the supplier for further testing and unfortunately it was lost during shipping.
While this is frustrating, it will not change the outcome of the survey.
\"The Northampton Borough Council reports to the complainant and asks for permission to send her contact details to Aldi in case they want to contact directly.
Aldi said: \"follow Mrs. Payne
Wood\'s complaint we conducted a comprehensive investigation with our supplier and found that there was no abnormality in the metal detection information of this batch of steaks.
We have written to Mrs. pan.
Wood apologized for the delay in our communication with her and her experience with this product.
Last week, Aldi said that after a mother said she had nine children, it would try a trolley with a seat belt for the childrenmonth-
The old son fell.
Anna told the Sun that she still did not receive an apology from Aldi.
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