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mountjoy denies drug security claims

by:Kenwei      2019-09-08
The prison service contradicts the dramatic allegations made by the Committee Against Torture (CPT)
The report said that the staff of the montahoi prison did not receive strict drug safety measures like tourists.
Everyone who enters an Irish prison
Staff, visitors and prisoners
Should cross the airport-
Security measures to prevent drug flooding.
Measures include walking-through X-
Ray scanners, drug detection dogs, and, in some cases, special seats to check the body holes of concealed drugs.
The report of the European Commission for the Prevention of Torture stated that these measures were \"demonstrated to varying degrees\" in prisons, but the effect of their application should be carefully monitored. googletag. {});
It added: \"For example, security checks for staff should be as strict as those for visitors, which is not the case at Mount Joy prison.
Last night, a spokesman for the Prison Service told the Irish Examiner that the new governor montojoy had confirmed the following: * all visitors to the prison, including all staff, must go through airport-style security procedures at the entrance to the prison, including walking
Through metal detectors and X
Machine for all personal items.
* All staff members strictly abide by the safety agreement and remove watches, belts and other items as required by search personnel.
* Random search of all incoming and outgoing employees and service providers. googletag. {});
The search facility is running CCTV cameras, and a shoe machine has recently been introduced, the spokesman said.
Elsewhere, the CPT reported that it was \"seriously concerned\" about the way heroin was prescribed as a legal substitute for heroin in Cork, Midland and montehoy prisons \".
It said that heroin should only be prescribed in a comprehensive treatment programme involving access to addiction consultants.
It says prisoners in Midland and montehoy generally do not need to be in contact with addiction counselors, and in many cases heroin is just \"free gasoline \".
It states that in a case in montahoy, a prisoner on heroin was tested for 21 other drugs and positive for each benzene diazhuo (tranquillisers)
Heroin was taken 10 times but no action was taken to review his heroin.
The inspectors said they had encountered a number of cases of prisoners who were receiving heroin withdrawal at Cork Prison, who had not received \"any support\" and were \"obviously suffering \".
It added: \"In some cases, these prisoners share a cell with one or two other people, taking into account the symptoms of withdrawal (
Vomiting and diarrhea included)
And lack-
Cell sanitation makes the process more unpleasant. ” try {_402_S }catch(e){}
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