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ministers \'should let traders sell groceries in pounds and ounces\' in wake of brexit vote

by:Kenwei      2019-08-17
Before Britain left the EU, ministers were under pressure to allow shops to sell meat, fruits and vegetables in pounds and ounces.
Customers have been asking shopkeepers if they can own vegetables weighing pounds and ounces instead of grams and kilograms before the UK leaves the EU.
The British Weights and Measures Association said that since the referendum in June 23, \"one or two\" stores have been in contact every week to ask if they can sell products that do not belong to imperialism.
It says the figure could be the tip of the larger iceberg \".
The law only allows the sale of food and goods in kilograms and grams, but retailers can display the imperial unit free of charge while converting.
This \"supplementary note \"-
Cannot exceed the measured price in writing-
Not allowed to be part of the transaction process.
When Britain abolished 1972 of the European Community Act and officially left the EU, the requirements for the measurement display should end.
Activists known as the \"rice martyrs\" have fought a long legal battle for the right to sell pounds and ounces of meat, fruit and vegetables.
A number is recognized for weighing only in Royal size.
Warwick Cairns, spokesman for the association, said: \"In 2000, in order to comply with European legislation, the government made it a criminal act for vegetable fruit traders to sell a pound of bananas.
\"We thought it was outrageous at the time.
We feel outrageous now.
As we withdraw from the EU, the legal basis for compulsory use will be abolished.
We believe it is time to restore freedom of choice.
\"Peter Bone, a Conservative member of euroscathing, said the government should allow stores and customers to buy and sell goods by Imperial standards before Britain leaves the EU in 2017.
He said: \"In any case, I always have to translate everything back to pounds and ounces.
\"Given that our largest trading partner-the US-is still a measure of imperialism, it has always been foolish for us to have to measure it with metrics.
\"It makes sense for people to be able to demand products in pounds and ounces-it makes sense and is one of the advantages of exiting the EU.
\"This is one of the things that can be achieved now, so it\'s a smooth process when we actually exit.
Mr. Bone wrote to Liam Fox, Minister of International Trade, urging him to support the plans, adding: \"I think it\'s a first-class idea and I hope the government will accept it.
Sir Bill Cash, another Conservative MP with European skepticism, said retailers should be able to sell products in rice and Perrier.
He said: \"Any idea of suing someone in this situation is crazy.
MP Tim Loughton, a former Conservative minister who is skeptical about Europe, said: \"I believe those who are more independent --
Thoughtful grocers and butchers will advertise for pounds and kilograms and will be able to do so.
On June 23, after the British voted to leave the EU, Gratton\'s butcher in Barnstaple, Devon began offering customers a choice of pounds, ounces or grams and kilograms.
A government spokesman said: \"Enterprises can already use imperial units next to rice beer and cider, bottled milk and road traffic signs, or use imperial units themselves.
\"This is national legislation and there has been no change in the law since the referendum results.
\"Having a single, consistent measurement unit has significant cost-effectiveness for UK businesses,\" the source said . \"
It also makes life easier for consumers \".
\"Measurement is a system used in international trade,\" the source said.
We are committed to ensuring that the UK remains open to business and continues to grow.
\"The decision to initially adopt metric was made in 1965-before Britain joined the EU.
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