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metal detectorist, 62, discovers that a silver roman coin he found 30 years ago is the only one of its kind and is worth £10,000

by:Kenwei      2019-08-28
Thirty years ago, a metal detective found a Roman coin, which was revealed to be 2,000 years old and worth 10,000.
Tom Thomas, 62, used the coin as part of an amateur collection until two years ago he was persuaded by a friend to bring it to an expert for a valuation.
The metal inspector found that the Little Golden Bell, the kalousi denaleuus Roman coin, is the only watch in the world similar to it.
When Mr Thomas found out that the coin, which dates back to advertising 286, had nothing to think --
In one area of Berkshire, he found that many others liked it.
On the same day, he said that he had to dig deep to arrive compared to the other coins of about 8 inch.
Scroll down to watch the video, but when a friend and other metal Detective Mark beeccher found it at a family barbecue, he told Tom to check it out.
The retired police officer from Berkshire Redding said: \"I know this is a Roman coin, just as I have found other coins in the past.
I put it with my little collection and didn\'t think much about it.
\"I \'ve been working on metal detection for over 30 years and I \'ve found a lot of different coins and other Roman artworks.
It turns out to be the only product of its kind in the world.
He said that he might never know if it was not for Mr beeccher to find out.
Mark contacted other experts, including the British Museum.
A person has seen something similar before.
\"The coin was dug up in a farmer\'s field at Berkshire, dating back to AD 286 --
93, it will now be sold for £ 10,000 at Derby County Hansen auction house.
Coins that have been registered with the Portable Antiquities program (PAS)
The Roman goddess Salus feeds a snake rising from the altar.
Mr Thomas added: \"I remember the day I found it.
The signal from my metal detector is very low.
I was not going to dig but changed my mind.
I had to dig deep compared to the other coins which were about £ 8 inch.
I was surprised and happy when I heard how special the coin was.
The only reason I am selling it now is because it is very unique, very valuable and has to be locked in the bank vault.
Mr. beeccher manages Berkshire\'s metals detective team in ellesbury, who is responsible for organizing the excavation work and serves as a consultant for Hansen. He said: \"I feel when I see the coin
\"I \'ve been working on metal exploration for over 25 years and I \'ve seen countless discoveries, both of mine and others.
I have never seen such a thing before.
\"After noticing it in Tom\'s collection, I quickly sent a picture of it to a good friend and master of Roman coins, Chip Gruszczinski.
He came back in a flash and confirmed my hypothesis.
Then I contacted an absolute expert in the Roman coin field, SamMoorhead of the British Museum.
He agreed to views of consistent views.
People talk about rare but the coin is unique.
As far as we know, it is the only similar product in the world.
For those who are keen on collecting, there is nothing better than this.
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