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meet the metal detectorists saving marriages

by:Kenwei      2019-08-23
At 09: 00 on a cold Sunday morning, a strong wind was blowing through the fields of a farmer who had recently ploughed.
We\'re somewhere on the Purbeck cliff off the southern coast of England.
Except for a firm man with a metal detector . . . . . . Outside of me, the scenery here is deserted.
Flight coach Richard haillum is a treasure.
In his spare time, Hunter is convinced that this particular area is the \"hot spot\" of past relics \".
He pointed out some visual clues that someone once called the abandoned, exposed place their home.
Mound, pottery shards, flint stones and weeds are overgrown, but there are still unique stripes along the landscape slopes --
The remainder of ancient agricultural methods.
His metal detector. a middle-of-the-
Distance model competing with GPS
Then we started our march, Hunchback in the wind.
Mr. haillum ignored most of the machine\'s failures and squeaking.
It can distinguish all kinds of metals, most of which are not worth digging.
He warned that we might stay here for a while.
\"You may find eight pieces of art on a great day.
About 25% of these findings are good.
His longest treasure.
The hunting process lasted 14 hours, but in this case both luck and detective skills of Mr haillum were on our side.
Within 45 minutes, his metal detector went high.
Like an electric guitar.
Just a little green mistake in my arms
The Sharvin in my hand.
Richard Heyman\'s guess, copper, with the head of a unique Roman emperor looking at the United States, is between 160-260AD.
\"You are the first person in 1,800 years to hold a coin in his hand,\" he said dramatically . \".
This is certainly a stimulus, but for Mr haillum --
Hunting goes beyond a personal fascination with history.
He belongs to a global group known as the \"Ring Finder\"
An online catalogue of more than 250 metal inspectors trying to reunite people with missing jewelry.
In return, most of them only ask for travel expenses and donations to charities.
It was founded by Chris Turner, who lives in Vancouver.
He kept a video blog about his successful reunion and claimed that the person looking for the ring had recovered more than 1,500 pieces of jewelry worth $3.
Since his launch in 2009, six metres.
He recalled the case of a woman losing a diamond wedding ring, pointing out the common cause of the ring misplaced. \". . .
She was angry with her husband and threw the ring into the grass of the college, \"he wrote in his blog.
\"Whether you believe it or not, it\'s something people do often.
You will never see a lot of people talking about this in my video because they don\'t want to be seen or talk about such searches.
\"Mr haillum also recalled a couple who called his service because a ring apparently fell into the river after a row --
But it\'s not like it seems.
\"It\'s the one who called me.
\"Then she called me back and said she didn\'t actually throw the ring and she took the ring as it was,\" he said . \".
She wanted to \"find\" him by making a copy as arranged \".
\"I decided not to participate in it,\" he said in diplomacy . \"
While many people in the metal testing community are not involved for money, it turns out that the industry is productive for their tool manufacturers.
One of the big brands, Minelab, announced sales revenue of $70 for its three core divisions in 2012.
Metal detectors and equipment for small gold mining and anti-use
Or search for explosive improvised explosive devices.
\"Consumer business mainly includes metal testing enthusiasts.
Historically, people would call it the first world event.
\"The United States, Western Europe, Australia,\" said Vincent O\'Brien, regional sales manager . \".
\"We are now seeing growth in the New Territories --
Russia is a huge market for the US, Eastern Europe, Latin America and South America.
He added: \"In Africa, Asia and South America, detection equipment for small-scale gold mining is becoming more and more popular.
\"You can say that in the last five to seven years gold has risen sharply and interest in gold has been reflected in interest in our machines.
Maybe people realize the value of gold in Africa, in some countries, gold is always there, but we can say that gold is ignored when diamonds are popular.
\"A report from the media organization Africa Business found that for some amateur metal inspectors in Africa, the return may be to change life. One treasure-
Hunter of bukinah Faso said he found enough gold to buy three pieces of land, three motorcycles and three other metal detectors. . .
In addition to having his 10 children go to school.
But has this humble metal detector really evolved so much?
Alexander Graham Bell designed and used a metal detection device in 1881.
He\'s not the first.
Fundamentally, metal detectors work by generating a magnetic field transmitted to the ground.
Any metal in contact with it will produce its own field picked up by the detector.
\"In recent years, machines and the types of people who use them have made great progress,\" said Vincent O\'Brien . \".
\"Traditionally, our typical client is male. aged, semi-retired -
Images of metal exploration on the beach
\"Almost all newer machines have digital interfaces that are lighter and easier to use.
Our nearest machine is built in.
In GPS, you can use it with Google Maps and wireless features.
\"According to Dr. Michael Lewis, whether the new connection really translates into an increased treasure discovery is controversial, and he is in charge of the portable Heritage program operated by the British Museum.
It was launched in 1997 to record amateur discoveries across the UK
Recently recorded its million discoveries.
\"The manufacturing Chamber says their machines are getting better and better, but the reality is that I think it\'s technology,\" Dr. Lewis said . \".
\"You will meet some detectives who are very good at finding things, others will stay in a field for a long time and can\'t find anything.
\"But no matter what your gear is, if your dream is to find the real treasure (
The 1966 Treasure Act is defined in the UK-
Individual coins are not included)
It\'s not just Google maps that you need.
\"Last year, we found 80,000 artifacts in the portable heritage program,\" he said . \"
\"Maybe 1000 is precious metal.
It is true that strange silver coins are found, but the amazing archaeological discoveries are very rare.
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