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meat system engineer at cutting edge

by:Kenwei      2019-08-21
Ability to build a terminalto-
Chief executive Mike light foot says end-meat processing and packaging systems are helping Milmeq win major deals on the world stage. The Auckland-
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Last month, its own manufacturers received $18 million ($20 million)
To provide a contract for processing technology to a $90 million factory being built near Darwin by the Australian Agricultural Company.
New Zealand has started construction, and factories in the northern region are expected to be put into operation in September 2014, Mr. lettford said. \"It [
Australian dollar contract
It was one of the biggest victories of the company.
\"Milmeq has built a complete meat processing system that includes bone removal, freezing, carton shipping and pallet technology.
\"What we are doing is the overall solution,\" said laitford . \".
\"There are other companies in the world doing this, but we are the only one doing this.
He said the company earned nearly $40 million last year, earning $5 million ($6 million)
An agreement was reached over the weekend to provide two refrigerated \"tunnels\" for Sukarne, a large meat processing company in Mexico \".
He said that the automated tunnel will refrigerate or freeze the meat in the box when it leaves the production facility.
Mr. Lightford said Russia is also a promising market for milmek.
Known as \"the world\'s largest protein Fair\"in Moscow.
\"The Russian market is developing and they want to become a protein exporter,\" he said . \" Brazil also shows great potential as a market, he added.
Milmeq has 130 employees, including 22 R & D personnel, based in Penrose, where its main manufacturing plant is located.
The company also has operations in Dunedin and Brisbane.
Labor costs, and the strength of the New Zealand dollar, said Mr lettford
Trading above US82c yesterday-
Very challenging.
\"But we have innovations that are seen as world market leaders in agriculture, which helps us to reduce labor costs.
\"In 1952, the company started the life of refrigeration engineering, and after the merger of the four business units, it was renamed Milmeq in 2011.
In December, after former boss Matthew Wall retired, Wright Ford joined the company.
Prior to Milmeq, light foot served as a Chief Executive Officer for three years at engineering manufacturer Barkley systems, which supplies precision magnets to the global 80 market.
\"I was impressed []Milmeq\'s]
I accepted the opportunity, \"said Lightford.
\"I never thought I would see myself in the meat industry, but to be fair, it\'s an exciting industry.
\"He said the company\'s goal is to increase revenue to between $50 million and $70 million over the next few years.
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