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massive arms haul accidentally discovered by man with metal detector

by:Kenwei      2019-09-08
One of North Korea\'s biggest weapons shipments in nearly 20 years was accidentally discovered by a man using a metal detector.
About 16 modern half
It is believed to be an automatic pistol of Eastern European descent and 800 rounds of ammunition found close to the roots College, a comprehensive secondary school in the suburbs of eastern Belfast.
It is understood that the weapons buried in all the woodlands of the National Trust were discovered after the treasure seekers received signals on the handheld machine, rather than the police acting according to intelligence. googletag. {});
Detectives have yet to determine whether the weapons belong to a terrorist organization or a criminal, but suspected fingers point to loyal paramilitary men accused of plotting a dispute over the ongoing march and flag
MLA Jimmy Spratt, a retired police officer and Democratic Unification Party source, said he did not think the cache was buried deep underground, suggesting it was an amateur operation.
\"If you look at the holes in the ground, they are not buried deep.
A few inches from the ground.
From my previous police experience, the situation looks amateur.
It looks like they are put into a 5 gallon oil bucket and buried.
This is a new dig just recently.
\"I am open to who has gun support and I think we should allow the police to complete the investigation.
\"The advantage of doing so is that at least now the weapons are in the hands of security.
They can\'t now be used for the purposes they were brought in, which will cause murder and chaos on the street. ”googletag. {});
A ballistic test is being conducted to determine whether these weapons in good condition have been used for any shooting.
Northern Ireland police declined to comment. try {_402_S }catch(e){}
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