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marel introduce new machine in portion stacking-straight into packing.

by:Kenwei      2019-08-17
The Icelandic company Marel presents their latest model PortionStacker, which also coincides with the release of the M6000 industrial controller.
Part stackers are designed to stack parts into pallets or place them directly into the packaging machine.
Part stacker handle fast and accurate.
5 copies per second.
The new machine can stack any number of parts into the tray, which is both efficient and sturdy.
The output sensor holds the best position of the part in the tray.
Part stacker is suitable for all kinds of equipment, including sorting machine and packing machine.
The stacking parameters on the M3000 controller are easy to change and can be serviced remotely.
It saves time and labor while improving efficiency.
The machine is compact and easy to install and clean.
At the same time, a series of flexible communication methods are provided.
These include abuilt-
In an Ethernet connection that provides a standard network link--dualUSB, DB-
Keyboard interface, also has such as asPC-
Compatible Architecture, Windows operating system, touch screen, color display and water
The robust, hygienic design of the AISI 316 stainless steel is resistant to the ip67standard.
Contact: Marel hf.
Tel: 354 563 8000 or visit: www. marel.
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