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This article is published in 21/2/207 (902 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date. PEOPLEDr.
Carla Taylor won 2017 rapeseed Excellence Award for her contribution to the rapeseed industry.
Canadian Growers Association of Manitoba (MCGA)
The award was presented to Taylor in February.
During the CropConnect meeting.
Taylor and her partner.
Peter Zahradka and his team of trainees and staff at the Canadian Agricultural Centre
Research on health and medical food in St
The Albrechtsen research center at Boniface Hospital has been studying the health benefits of canola oil for more than a decade.
Their study of canola oil from a nutritional point of view, what can be done in the early stages of the disease (
Metabolic syndrome
Help prevent further development of cardiovascular disease or diabetes.
Mugglihas was appointed deputy
President and Chief Operating Officer of Winpak Limited
Muggli worked in Winpak for six years as vice president of the company
President of Technology and Innovation.
Prior to joining Winpak, his career included various senior management positions in Europe and North America, including Vice President
President and General Manager of Alcan food packaging department.
BOARDSMisericordia health center has appointed 2017 board members: Raymond cadiea, chairman; P.
Secretary Michael Sinclair
And the director, Richard J.
Garnon, Archbishop of Winnipeg; Kaye E. Dunlop; Paul A. Mahon.
Misseri Cody sub-health center selected its 2016-
2017 Board of Directors: Maria Grande, chairman;
Michael Radcliffechair;
Secretary Patrick Hanna.
Kevin McCulloch, chairman of the past; Reverend W.
The Archbishop\'s representative, Richard athernott;
Marlene BartlettDaniel A. J. Bernard; Dr.
Camoringa; Edna Castillo; Alan Kowalec; Kaaren Neufeld; Todd Sykes; Dr.
Director, Venkatesh, suburb of Cornelia Van Ineveld.
The Misseri Cody sub-health center Foundation selected 2016-
2017 Board of Directors: Chairman Kim Siddall;
Charlie Burns sitting in a chair
Colin skitzki, finance chairman;
And director Beverly daiassi; Matthew Duffy; Jane Emslie; Dr.
Michelle George. Tim McIsaac; Jim Rae; Dr.
Jennifer Rahman
Craig Schatkowsky; Lisa Stiver;
Brian tyrio and Caroline Townsend
Canadian Growers Association of Manitoba (MCGA)
The new president has been elected for 2017/18 years: Chuck Fossay of Starbucks
Clayton hard in Naroelected vice-president;
Brian Jonny of East Selkirk
Elected Secretary;
And Curtis McRae from St.
Andrews was elected treasurer.
Chorney will also represent MCGA on behalf of Canola Council of Canada, where Harder and Jack Froese will represent the association on the board of directors of Canola Growers Association of Canada, and fossay will be its representative on the board of agricultural producers of Keystone.
The largest professional supplier of film and television production audio-visual equipment and technology in Manitoba, a central Canadian production and service company, will now be called Les productions MIDCAN Productions Inc.
Wayne Shelton, founder and president of Central Canada production services, welcomes Louis Pakin, President and CEO of Les production, Frank digital, and president and executive les production, Alain Dondo senior production manager.
Together with Wayne Shelton, they will assume team ownership of Les Productions MIDCAN Productions.
The Life Sciences Association in Manitoba has won their 2017 awards this week.
The most promising life science students
Scott Dyck, PhD candidate in the department of physiology and pathology.
Outstanding Leadership in Life Sciences-
Manitoba Health Policy Center.
Life Sciences Company of the Year-Farmers Edge.
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