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making waves: female round-the-world crew to fight ocean plastic

by:Kenwei      2019-09-12
Longton, Emma Barca, July 10 (
Thomson Reuters Foundation
-More than 300 women will participate in the roundthe-
The world voyage launched in October emphasized the devastating effects of marine plastic pollution and conducted scientific research on the escalating crisis.
Millions of tons of plastic each year-from the time it is packaged in food-and fishing gear-enters the ocean, and some marine experts warn that by 2050, there may be more plastic than fish. The two-year all-
Female voyage-organized by exxpetion, a non-
Focus on the profits of marine pollution-samples will be collected from some of the most important and diverse marine environments on Earth to understand the state of the ocean.
The 38,000-mile voyage will take place in the Arctic, the Galapagos Islands, the South Pacific islands and the central waters, which are packed with plastic due to circulating water.
\"One thing I still get is when you\'re 1,000 miles from the nearest person and then you see the toothbrush floating over,\" mission director Emily Payne told Thomson Reuters Foundation . \".
Every year, 8 million tons of plastic are split into tiny pieces in the ocean, the same size as plankton, she said.
These particles, together with plastic particles used in toiletries and other household products, can be ingested by marine organisms, damaging the ecosystem and the food chain.
\"There\'s a misconception that you can see plastic island out there, but it\'s more like soup.
This is a good piece, \"Payne said.
\"If it\'s an island, we can clean it up, pack it all up on board, and solve it, (because)
This soup . . . . . . You can\'t really extract it once it\'s inside.
Payne, who created exxpetion in 2014, said the solution was to \"turn off the faucet\" on land and first stop plastic from entering the ocean.
The study will focus on identifying which types of plastics are present and which industries they come from in order to customize the solution.
Scientists working closely with Plymouth University\'s International Marine waste research unit will also look at the impact of plastics on the environment, animals and human health.
10 women from different disciplines and countries will join 70-foot (21-meter)sailing boat S. V.
30-TravelEdge for each stage
The journey from England in October. 7.
Participants include scientists, teachers, filmmakers, product designers, photographers and athletes.
They will stop talking to schools and communities on their way, record the type of waste washed on the beach and do cleaningups.
\"There is no silver bullet solution.
\"We need to work from all areas and from all angles,\" Payne said . \".
\"We need the design of new materials, we need the change of policy, we need education, we need art to change the way of thinking, we need engineers.
The only way we can solve this problem is to work together. ” (
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