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lpg consumers, stop being short-changed

by:Kenwei      2019-08-18
Have questions about the amount of gas in liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
The cylinder sent at your door?
You can now insist on having the delivery boy measure the quantity using a weighing balance if the weight is less than 14 lbs.
2 kg, a complaint may be filed with the legal metrology department requesting action against an agency supplying short metering to cylinders.
In a recent raid on cherraballi\'s liquefied petroleum gas bottling plant, officials checked 14 filling volumes.
2 kg liquefied petroleum gas domestic cylinders found a short charge of 60 grams of gas in each cylinder.
It is estimated that the customer is suffering the cumulative loss of Rs.
City assistant controller V says the unit supplies 5 crore per year and 30,000 cylinders per day. Srinivas.
Authorities raided another unit in Cherlapally and checked the quantity of a commercial cylinder of 19 kg LPG.
They found that the amount of gas in each cylinder was less than 29 grams, causing losses to customers.
Rules, any commodity, solid, half
A mixture of solid, viscous, or solid and liquid, must always be sold and delivered by weight only.
The distributor side is binding to keep the weighing machine available and the consumer should be able to check the cylinder weight at the time of delivery.
\"The customer must check whether the weighing machine has a Certificate of Conformity issued by us.
If the consumer finds that the weight of the cylinder is lower than the specified weight, they should refuse to accept it . \"Srinivas said.
The weight of domestic gas cylinders (empty)
The weight and gas mechanism printed above should be filled with 14. 2 kg LPG.
The gross weight of the cylinder should be achieved by increasing the amount of Tare and 14. 2 kg LPG.
For example, if the skin weight printed on the drum is 15.
2 kg, full cylinder 14.
The gross weight of 2 kg LPG should be 29. 4 kg.
If it is a commercial cylinder, it must always bear statements such as the date of the package, the price paid, the manufacturer details, and the net quantity of kgs.
So far, the ministry has booked 44 cases in two cities between 201314.
Among them, 33 cases were registered in the recent special raids conducted under the direction of the additional director
General of Police and controllersGopal Reddy.
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