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\'look at my stomach, curves and overall banging body\': obese woman accused of faking incredible 86kg weight loss by online trolls unveils her new slimline figure after undergoing surgery to remove excess skin

by:Kenwei      2019-08-19
The New Zealand woman, who lost half her weight in just 11 months, announced her new figure after undergoing surgery to remove excess skin.
Apparently ecstatic Simone Anderson Prescher released a half
Nude photos on Instagram show her new stomach with the words \"look at my stomach, my curves, and the whole body \".
Still very swollen so can only be improved from here. \'The 24-year-
Old, from Auckland. 373lbs)to 83kgs (179lbs)
She reached her target weight in July, but her skin was extremely redundant.
The doctor told people before the operation to scroll down to watch the video \"plastic surgery is just dealing with something she can\'t handle herself . \".
This loose skin can be removed without any amount of diet or exercise.
It will be a challenging operation but I think it will be great. \'The make-
Up artist became a sensation on the Internet after fighting back against the internet bully who accused her of pretending to lose weight, and is now at 8-
An hour\'s operation by a doctor in Arizona
She once said that she could not wait for the operation.
The doctor had an operation.
Remus Repta, including: breast augmentation and breast augmentation, removing excess skin, replenishing her lost volume, tummy tuck and braline back lift.
Prior to the operation, Simon told the publication that what she was most looking forward to was the removal of the skin that would improve the practical aspects of her life.
\"Obviously, I know I will never have a perfect stomach, [
I look forward to it
In fact, when I exercise, I don\'t need to cram loose skin into my pants, I know I can put on a top like everyone else, and don\'t feel stressed because loose skin comes out.
I will be more confident when it disappears.
\"The surgery followed Simone\'s decision to change her life for the first anniversary, when she realized she had to make a change after using the business scale to find her real weight.
\"In August 29, I decided to change my lifestyle and habits once and for all,\" Simon wrote on her facebook page . \".
When in reality I am just lazy and unprepared, I always use the excuse of \"I am too busy to exercise and eat healthily.
Since then, Simon\'s body mass index has fallen by 51. 6 to 25.
Although she cut out all the processed food and reduced the weight, she does not deny that she has any food she desires, and she often eats chocolate or drinks.
On July, she held a grand gathering between her family and friends to celebrate her goal --
Credit her all three brothers who helped her along the way.
And sports customization-
Made a dress for this occasion.
She called the night: \"It was the best night I \'ve ever had.
Simon chose to record her entire journey through her Facebook page, posting a new photo of progress every month, and was proud when she found herself losing half her weight.
However, not all followers are excited about her weight loss, and some skeptics have posted skeptical messages on her page.
Some people believe in anything, but they are fake in every way. . .
Different hair colors, different eyebrow colors, different cheekbones, the list continues, one skeptic wrote.
Simone decided to challenge Africa.
The believer shared another photo, exposing her stretch marks and loose skin from drastic changes.
\"I don\'t know why, but every single comment that criticizes me is fake, and the scammer\'s comment bothers me very much,\" she wrote in the caption of the photo . \".
I think because it takes hours of crying and debating to share my story with others online, posting the first photo online with my weight, let the world see the hardest thing I \'ve ever done.
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