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kuvempu museum burglary: trust to seek replica of padma medal

by:Kenwei      2019-09-09
Police search operations tracked the Padma vibu mountain medal awarded to the poet laureate kuvinp, rashtrakavi Kuvempu prathishthana decided to request the Indian presidential office and the Interior Ministry to issue a copy.
Kadidal Prakash, secretary of prathishthana, told Hinduism that in the process of submitting an application for a medal replica, assistance had been sought from the state of Delhi Karnataka.
Senior officials from Kannada and the Ministry of Culture also discussed the issue.
Although the medal was stolen, sanad (certificate)
He said the book, issued by the president at the time, was intact in the museum. Mr.
Prakash said that pratishatana had photos of the medals.
If the replica is rejected, we will design a replica with the help of skilled artists, he said.
On November 23, the Padma Vibhushan medal and two metal badges issued by the University of Mysore were displayed at the Kuppali Museum.
According to CCTV footage, police arrested Revanasiddappa, a resident of the village of turuchagatta in davangir district.
Medals are displayed in the museum with metal buckles.
During the interrogation, the defendant told the police that when he carried the metal buckle, the hook on the metal buckle broke and the medal was lost.
Police director Ravi Channannavar said all efforts were made to track the medals.
The police prepared a map of the route, which the thief took after committing the crime.
Along this route, a search was conducted using a metal detector and a magnetic locator.
Police also searched the nearby forest.
Cash rewards for Rs.
10,000 was also announced.
Still, no medals were found.
Said Channannavar. Mr.
Prakash said he would ask the police to set up a permanent outpost in the village of Kuppalli to avoid such incidents in the future.
The trust has a photo of the medal.
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