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by:Kenwei      2019-08-17
I chose the Pittsburgh Steelers for the Super Bowl last season and now I know why I was wrong.
Coach Bill Cowhill is too old. school.
\"Everyone wants to be new to the trend, they want to be the leader,\" he told The Associated Press this week . \".
\"This is a great game ,[but]
We have too many people leading the trend.
\"Cohill refers to the growing practice of running training camps at the team\'s regular training facilities, rather than packing weight machines, tapes and players and staying in boots for a month --
The atmosphere of camping on some college campuses.
13 teams are close to home this year, five more than last year.
The two teams Denver and Tennessee actually make their players. -gasp! --
Sleep in your own bed.
Cohill\'s club is not one of them.
\"I\'m more like an old man --
The school guy, \"said kauhe.
The Steelers are training at Latrobe, Pa.
Like they did in the middle. \'60s.
Maybe it was this idea that led to the Steel team 4-
7 season starts, with an average of 10-for 11 games per game-6 record.
In the first four games of the season, Cowhill\'s Steelers were 24-20, a .
The winning rate is 545, more than 100 points lower than them.
The winning rate for the past 12 weeks was 648.
Does it take a month for the poor Pittsburgh people to recover from their old society?
Probably not at school camp.
But if I\'m looking for a reason not to bet on a man, Cech\'s comments are a good start.
Just because an idea is new, giving it up is a great way to beat it yourself, especially since history
The development of professional football.
Boot\'s argument-
Camp camp is where they build team chemistry.
\"As a player,\" said Jeff Fisher, the Titan coach, \"I never understood, when you fill your grandmother\'s quilt, cookie box, boom box and TV with cars, drive three hours to camp and move into the dormitory, shared bathroom facilities and stayed with 12 other players for a month how this turned into chemistry.
\"I will go further and say team chemistry is a huge challenge in sports.
It\'s kind of superstitious.
This is a handy explanation when a team performs better or worse than you think: well, their chemistry is good/poor. It\'s bunk.
\"Let\'s start with the Marines,\" said Jacob howtaruma, a professor of organization and social psychology at Colorado State University and a wild horse fan. \"It does work.
With respect to the commencement ceremony and the severity of the launch, there is evidence that [
It produced positive results. .
An unusual finding of a lot of this stuff is that the worse you do, the better you appeal to a group.
So it looks like it works backwards.
This can be explained with the discord theory, says Hautaluoma.
The human mind has a tendency to understand things, so when you try to figure out why you have experienced some bad experience, you say, he says: \"It must be because it is worth it. \"
Maybe a good idea for Marines who have to attack machines.
But who needs chemistry on the football field, run the road, react to the ball, cover your area as per your blocking mission.
Even if you can\'t stand the tailgate, you will still block it for him because the best for the team is obviously the best for you.
Even if your motivation is selfish, the result is the same. Brutal, dorm-
Style bootcamp, which includes bullying by rookies and bed checks, is much like some of your bosses who, if you\'re out of luck, may get you a \"retreat\" from those stupid jobs \". (
Hold those letters, major in psychology--
I have never been to such a place, so I am not just free from the pain here. )
It makes bosses feel like they are doing something when they ask you to sing crappy songs in the woods and play capture the flag.
They told themselves that we are team building.
Employees would rather stay at home like adults, but they put up with it because they have to do so. Hautaluoma --
Reminding me that as an organizational psychologist, he only works in a team like this --
Construction process--
He said, treat them like workers, treat them like animals that need to be broken, both of which have jobs, but they work in different situations.
\"This book is a little out of date, which one is better.
\"There are some advantages and disadvantages,\" he said.
\"You have to figure out what kind of person you have there.
\"Assuming that their practice field at home is as hard as they are in the suburbs, there is no reason to treat professional football players like they do with their children, let them go to summer camp and take them away from life for a month
If you have to do so, will you work better for the rest of the year? I won\'t.
I bet they won\'t either.
Hautaluoma patiently said: \"There is a literature that applies to it, but there is another side as well.
To be honest, I can easily argue for these two points.
But I think I would argue that if you really need discipline, you almost need to have people go through something they don\'t want to go through.
\"I wouldn\'t recommend every manager in the world to give them hell when hiring employees because it would make them like the place more,\" he added . \".
\"I mean, it would be stupid advice.
But brother dog, it works under the right conditions.
\"My first forecast for the NFL for the 2003 season is: The Steelers won\'t win all the games.
Don\'t let others say I won\'t go out without hesitation. ------------
Summer Reading [PERMALINK]
If the news from training camp doesn\'t excite you, there are a few great new baseball books that can help you through the summer downturn, especially when you get into the history of the game.
ESPN baseball columnist\'s \"Rob niyer\'s baseball lineup book\" is the best bathroom reading, and it\'s not a reverse compliment in my world.
This is the book you can pick up and pass five minutes of happy hour, or lose an afternoon.
Neyer lists an all with comments-
Time lineup for each team plus a runner
Lineup and various other series.
There are local teams, Gold Gloves team, iron gloves team, all-
The new show in the deal
Away team, whole team
Bust team, used-to-be-
Great team and all
Name the team for each club.
Neyer provides a small sidebar article that focuses on a certain player or problem for almost every list, and a longer article for each teamStyle of provocation.
What will you pay for this other than waiting! There\'s more.
The appendix lists the starting lineup of each team each year.
If you are a great fan, take out your glasses.
What fascinates you is the table material.
Did you know that from 1943 to 2002, the Red Army had only 10 regular short stays, four of them were reserved for only one or two years, Jim pilsar, Jose Cardenal, Vic davilillo and Jay Johnston. (
Angel center in his 60 s. )I could go on.
I \'ve never seen Neyer, but we exchange emails once in a whilemails.
Another good thing is Paul Dixon\'s hidden language of baseball: How stealing signs and stealing signs affect American entertainment, the author of the new Dixon baseball dictionary and many other books, not all books about baseball. (
In 2001, I interviewed him about his book, artificial satellite. )
Dixon supported the use of signal flags in the Revolutionary War to start his non-verbal communication story.
It\'s interesting, but the best part is the section on the theft sign, and the complex code of ethics involved in the event.
Some form of stealing other team logos is only part of the game\'s giving and asking, while others form ---
Mainly those who involve people and devices outside the game space--
Frowned by people
The chapter tells 2001 stories in The Wall Street Journal, and 1951 New York Giants are the author of the game\'s most famous panant --
The comeback of the game benefits from a complex sign-
The theft plan, including someone monitoring the catcher with a telescope from the central venue Club, then using a buzzer to send an upcoming pitch signal to the bomb shelter.
Dixon made an interesting point about the story, which has been circulating since its early 60 s: Although it is considered not to be kosher, there are no specific baseball rules in the past and now to oppose this card-stealing system, although this is considered immoral because the home team has a better chance of building it.
There is also no conclusive evidence that using it can help the \"51\" giant just like their great pitching.
Oh, yes.
You know, immortal Cubs.
The combination of Joe Tinker and Johnny Evers\', Dickson in \"give Evers\' a chance to become famous\" reminds us that they did not speak after 1907.
They play together.
Check Neyer here)
Until 1912, two titles and a World Series were won in the past five years.
Team chemistry, no doubt. ------------
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