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kerala -- a view from the bridge of india\'s frozen seafood industry.

by:Kenwei      2019-08-17
The heart of the Indian seafood industry beats in Kerala, 580 kilometers (360 miles)
Along the tropical tip of the subcontinent.
The state has 893 tons of freezing seafood processing plants.
The fleet consists of 4,000 mechanized vessels, 16,000 minicomputer ships and 3,000 traditional vessels.
Most plants are housed in island necklaces that connect bridges, lagoons and dead water canals.
Many people are present in Kochi (Cochin)
An area with one of the best natural ports in the world.
Across the state, there are 11 ports with different capacity and 45 landing centers.
The writer intends to visit as many seafood companies as possible in a limited period of time, and he has set up a temporary headquarters at the comfortable Bruton shipyard.
Ideally located in the historic area of Old Cochin Castle, before becoming a profitable port of call and enclave for Portugal and the Netherlands, it was once a fishing village, british and French businessmen began in the late 15th century.
From the first to the fourth centuryD.
The spice trade has attracted Christians, Jews and Muslims from Hindu-dominated countries.
It is said that the Apostle Thomas visited Kerala in A. D.
52, this is evident in the Eastern Orthodox Church of Syria, one of India\'s largest Christian denominations.
The Muslim mosque is dotted with landscapes, providing spiritual comfort for about one person --
The fifth of 30 million people in Kerala.
Indian makeup III
There are five in the population, and the rest are Christians.
A 16-century synagogue stands in high knowledge.
There are fewer than 50 Jews living in the city now.
Before 500, the descendants of all businessmen were protected by the local Hindu rulers ---
As a result of immigration to Israel and elsewhere, the number of local colonies has been greatly reduced.
Nowadays, most foreigners strolling in Kochiwaterfront are tourists, although fishing is still a way of life for those who fish in waters or lower and keep large boats permanently
A Chinese net was placed on the coast.
About 3% of Kerala\'s population is engaged in fisheries.
Related activities accounted for 2% of national income.
About 23% of India\'s seafood exports left the port of viaKochi last year, or 17.
46% of the national value.
However, Tonnagedropped dropped sharply from 302,934 to 385,818-
98 and set four-
In this process is at a new low in history.
The writer tried to find out why.
\"We have enough customers now.
Anything we produce will be bought by Europeans . \"
Kunjumoideen told Fast Food International.
\"The challenge is to find enough raw materials.
\"Chief Executive Officer of integrated Lubian Export Co. , Ltd.
He also served as vice chairman of the Indian Association of Seafood Exporters (SEAI)
This was said frankly.
The surge in marine product processing companies may have expanded to the extent of overcapacity.
There are now about 400 plants competing for limited resources, not fresh markets.
In recent years, there have been many new companies, some funded by venture investors, hoping to get rich quickly in taxes --
Free exit.
However, making money in the seafood industry is easier said than done.
Experience is still important in this industry and kunjumoideen has nearly 40 years to learn from.
The landing of many species was disappointing, resulting in a 1998 drop in production in Kerala-
Export figures of 99 high-tech ports prepared by the Marine Products Export Development Bureau (MPEDA)
Spell clearly as follows: * 69,991 gross tonnage (
Down 18,717 from the previous year)
* Frozen shrimp, 25,126 tons (
Decreased the 4,654 tons more than 1997-98)
* Frozen squid, 13,229 tons (down by 2,704)* Finfish, 52. 96 tons (down by 1,2. 71)
However, there is some good news, as frozen squid exports have increased by 1,316 tons to 17,185 tons, and sales of frozen lobster tail fish have tripled from 23 tons to 59 tons.
\"This year, we want to generate a turnover of $36 million from around 3,000 tons,\" announced the CEO of the comprehensive Rubik\'s Cube.
\"This will increase from $30 million in 1999.
We currently ship about 25 containers per month.
\"The company has three factories: one is located 10 kilometers from Arroyo Kochin;
The second is in the Puri of Orissa on the north coast;
The third is in Veraval, Gujarat, on the northwest coast.
There are a wide range of products from shrimp, squid to squid, octopus, crab, lobster, clams, Green mouth and fish tail fish.
So far, Europe is the largest market for comprehensive Rubian exports, with production of about 80%.
A wide range of shrimp, including P & D, tail-
Cook in the form of raw shrimp, blan shrimp, sushi and other shrimp.
\"We have a very good market in France . \"G. M.
When general manager Pillay accompanied QFFI to visit the state --of-the-
Art processing factory in Aroor.
Here are some coral reefs.
He pointed out: \"He seized the stone spots that went to Italy and Cyprus . \"\"This deep-
The seafood portfolio will go to France, while the seafood portfolio will go to Portugal. \" The ultra-
HACCP-sanitary factory
Certified, compliant with EU and FDA specifications, with highly skilled staff, they look more like doctors than fish cutters and shrimp-skin workers.
They wear rubber boots, surgical masks, hats and gowns, and wash their hands forcefully after a hydrochloride foot bath before approaching the basin.
After drying with a towel, open with a pair of rubber gloves and take them off
The processing room began to work. The 3,000-square-
The Foot factory is equipped with marble floors and polyurethane insulated panels and has two completely isolated production lines for processing and packaging cooked and unprocessed products, respectively.
It comes with Frigoscandia spiral freezer, block freezer, Ziegra Chip ice maker, Hayssen Ultima packaging machine and other equipment.
25 metric tons of products can be processed.
About 15% of sales are realized in East Asia and the Middle East, while the rest are produced in the United States.
Recently, orders in South Korea have increased, and demand for crabs, octopus slices and shrimps is high.
QFFI, a silver mercury alloy enterprise, met with key customers. J. Anthony, V. S. M.
General manager of Accelerated freeze drying companyLtd. (AFDC).
It is a unit of Kochin.
India-based mercury alloy companies, seven of which employ four thousand people in 15 factories in India.
The group sold more than $100 million last year.
The command status of the former army officer heralds great progress both at home and abroad, and he showed the writer samples of IQF cooked salad shrimps, which are packed in plastic bags, take global and Neptune\'s ocean diamonds, plus theKroger\'s private label.
In addition to frozen squid, clams, squid, crab, seafood mixture and string of seafood on bamboo sticks, the group offers a range of shrimp products.
It is noted that fish fillets, along with a large number of private-label Shrimps, go from the Mediterranean to Europe.
The destination of crab meat is usually the United States.
Sashi Menor, senior general manager of AFDC exports, said the freeze of about 200 metric tons
Every year, dried shrimp is produced at the koqin factory. In addition, the Bangalore factory also produces 150 metric tons of dried shrimp.
Nissin Food and Itochu Japan are 48% shareholders of the joint venture.
A lot of output, 12 of them-to 18-
A one-month shelf life eventually became a delicious shrimp ingredient in Japanese clear cup noodles and Top Ramen fast food ChowChow noodles, which are international packaged and distributed.
Silver-mercury alloys are also involved in a number of other joint ventures.
International Creative Food Co. , Ltd.
For example, it was established in 1984 in cooperation with the German TIF food company.
Its Garmin factory can freeze 1,000 of finished products per hour, while bhimavaram factory can
Freeze 500 kilograms per hour and explode to 12 metric tons per day.
Shrimp, frozen or frozen
\"It\'s a big deal for us to do,\" said Major Anthony . \".
\"Almost everything is exported at the moment, but I think the domestic frozen food market will allow more wives to work outside.
In Cochin, Madras, Mumbai and other cities, supermarkets with specialized frozenfood sections have become a reality.
Innovation Marine Food Co. , Ltd.
Another mercury alloy company is a joint-stock company involving Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan and Saudi Fishery Corporation.
Seafood Company, Food Club, Saudi Arabia, Italy
United States deportation Limited.
Three factories operating shrimp, squid, squid, crab, lobster and pom fish, sushi
Grade shrimp is prepared for strict requirements in Japan.
About 50 kilometers from the commercial capital of Mumbai (Bombay)
In the Raigad district of Maharashtra, QFFI visited the states of afdc --of-the-
Art Factory under the guidance of Rajiv P.
Vice President Pendl.
It\'s equipped with G-
Flat and explosive freezers made by Frigoscandia and Carnitech, IQFfreezers, Multivac vacuum film packaging equipment, Bilwinco automatic multi-head weighing machines and housekeeping forms,
Built in 1995, 20 metric tons can be frozen every day, 10,000-square-meter ISO 9000-
Due to the lack of raw materials available for processing, the certification facility operated only 40% of its capacity in February.
The writer did some research to try to find out the truth about the shortage of supply, but in the end there was no result.
While some parties have pointed out that this problem can be fundamentally traced back to any processor (
Last count over 400
Chase limited land and farms
Others blame the foreign fleet for legitimate and illegal fishing of Indian waters.
The third view is that the change in seawater temperature is the cause, while afourth believes that poor management of natural resources is the root of the problem.
If the raw material is shorter than February, it will soon become less corrupt in India on the East Coast-
Fishing has been suspended since April 16.
At the same time, processors are being made with what they have.
\"Fortunately, we have loyal customers who know the situation,\" Pendel said . \".
Multinational companies such as Unilever and Findus, as well as major shrimp dealers in Japan and South Africa, are their customers.
\"Recently, we have been focusing on other markets, such as South Korea,\" the vice president said . \".
\"In the last four months or so it has been opened to cooked shrimp.
We believe exports will continue to grow.
Landing of white shrimp [Batterson Aquatic Products ]((United States)
I\'m disappointed this year, Farm.
Premchand Bhat, general manager of Bhatsons Aquatic sin af, reported: \"increased shrimp production has declined . \".
\"Raw material prices have risen by $2 to $3 (per kilo),\" headded.
\"I\'m not sure our US customers are ready for this growth.
\"Don\'t worry, in February, the popular P & Dshrimp Shuangma brand of Mangala Group acquired apremium in Hong Kong.
\"It was further processed there and exported to Europe,\" Bhat noted . \".
The company\'s sales last year were $12 million (up 30%)
2,135 tons per ton.
For seven years, after the death of their father, four brothers began to do business ---
The name Batterson has been since.
Family patriarch M. V. R.
Bhat is a pioneer in the Indian seafood industry, starting in 1957 and creating MangalaSea products in 1985.
Provide all kinds of frozen shrimp (PD/PUD tail-off and tall-
Headless and headless onblocks
In blocks and half blocks
IQF broken bag)
Bhatsons shipped about 50% of its products to the United States and Canada.
Customers in the EU account for 40% of the output, and the rest of the customers have gone to Japan.
Its customer list includes shrimp. marketersOre-
Cats in Los Angeles and black cats in Holland.
EU of the company-and FDA-
Approved factory-
Refrigerator with food system-
Can handle 22. Explosion 5 tons-and block-
Frozen products every day.
A low temperature line will be installed soon, which makes the additional dally throughput of 10 tons of value possibleadded items.
The most complete cleaning squid and squid package in 5-
Retail sales of kilo bagsfor in Italy, Spain and Portugal.
Squid fish tubes go to France, 40 ounces. (1. 135 kg. )block-
Frozen squid packaged under the ocean jewelry label of Expack seafood
Edison, New Jersey.
Pvt exported by processing enterprises. Ltd.
QFFI movement \"joined forces with Javeed Hashim and President ABADExports. Ltd.
He is a partner of The Abad group, in his office in Kochin. Brother-in-law to M. I.
Shakeel and sharingfamily of CAP Seafoods are in contact with 16 others in the group, who are from a long line of handyman in 1894.
The company\'s founder exported dried shrimp to Myanmar that year.
Fisheries have been established in 1931 Abad.
Since then, it has become one of the biggest seafood processing problems in India, with 11 factories with comprehensive freezing capacity of 250 metric tons per day, which have a population of 1,200.
\"In these hundred miles, I represent four generations of the five generations --
\"We have a company,\" Hashem told the interviewer . \"
\"In the 1960 s, we entered the frozen shrimp business in a serious way and sent blocks to the United States.
Soon after, we started exporting goods to Japan, and soon after, we started shipping goods to Europe.
\"The company\'s product line covers brown, white and tiger shrimps, which are provided in the form of pieces or IQF cooking and peeling, blanchedor raw.
Other products include squid, squid, crab, octopus, clams, seafood mixture, reef cod, grouper, apper fish, Emperor, mackerel fish, red-haired Fish, pom fish, ribbon fishmeal red fish and goldfish.
Last year, The ABAD group sold $25 million in fishery products, and another $3 million came from hotels and real estate companies.
Located in the heart of the city, The Abad Hotel is one of the best seafood restaurants in Cochin and is part of the Best Western franchise.
\"We think the identification of names may attract tourists from North America and Europe,\" Hashem said . \".
All of the company\'s seafood factories are located near the bus landing area, each of which is well equipped and can be packaged with value-added products that meet various customer specifications. The 25,000-square-
The foot Abad export factory, like its captain, was built at 1998, directly on the beach.
Pack pallets for our own brand supermarket customers.
It can process more than 10 metric tons of raw materials such as whole shrimp every day.
The freezing is done through Frigoscandia spir42 cp 42, while the skin packaging machine is manufactured by Cryovac.
Other plants of the group include: * rusnaambiapuram, joint venture with Ruskim Seafoods Ltd. ofthe UK.
Compact facilities,-
The capacity of on-site cold storage is 100 metric tons, and up to 8 tons of finished products can be frozen every day.
* ABAD Munambam, a 22,000-square-
Foot Factory specially designed for niche markets such as Japanese sushi trade.
The products include squid, squid, octopus, fish and shrimp.
* Abad Import & Export Co. , Ltd.
Joint venture with fricatmar SL.
Valencia, Spain\'s largest importer of Indian seafood.
Specializing in the processing of head and foot, 2-
Production line facilities can push about 60 metric tons of raw materials through IQF and blast furnace freezers every day.
Recently, the company built a 3,000 metric ton
Computers and computers
Centrally controlled public refrigerated warehouses with direct access to major seafood processing centers in southern India.
Hashem said: \"This is the first such store in this country, and we gave it a neutral name: cold storage.
\"During the ingqffi visit, about 80% of the products stored in the warehouse came from ABAD.
However, it is expected that business with companies outside the group will increase in the future.
\"The distribution of frozen food for the domestic market is bound to grow, and we are ready to become a major link in the cold chain,\" said the head of the agency.
The reporter found the case of Starbay soft shell crab in the warehouse.
Working with Bill Dugmore in London, UK-
ABAD is based in Starbay Foods and hopes they can do better in the US market.
\"We have been breeding crabs successfully for two years,\" Hashem reported . \".
\"Six containers have been shipped to the United States.
The quality is very good and our price is very competitive.
\"Elsewhere in the field of aquaculture, the company operates a black tiger shrimp hatchery, although it is far from actual farming.
\"It\'s a tough business now,\" Hashem told QFFI . \".
\"The yield of spotted prawns is declining.
Some worry that crop production will reach 50% this year.
No one knows why.
One pond is produced very well, while the other pond next to it may be very strict and the mortality rate is high.
\"Although the production of tiger breeding has declined, a large number of deep Tigers
The shrimp was harvested on the shelves of the mainland.
\"It\'s not from the white shrimp family in South America. It\'s more like cold water shrimp,\" Hashem said . \"
Select canned company
One of the most active leaders and a large number of members of the SouthIndia seafood processing department is Jose Thomas.
President of Indian Association of Seafood Exporters (SEAI)
He is also the second generation general manager of Kerala Trading Co. , Ltd.
Founded in 1958, its Garmin-
Choosing canned company arm is a pioneer in the formation of China\'s frozen seafood industry.
The writer caught up with C.
Memorial hail (
Named in honor of SEAI\'s longtime president, who died unexpectedly in last June)
On Wellington Island.
Despite good reasons, he rarely accepts appointments.
\"I\'m sorry, John,\" Thomas apologized, \"but the exporter\'s meeting was a bit long.
We just voted to strike from March 27.
The date was later changed to April 5]. \" \"What?
I don\'t understand.
Are not the workers on strike?
Asked QFFI\'s editor-in-chief and publisher.
\"Welcome to Kerala, my friend . \"
\"Unlike other states in India, the state government wants to impose a 1% tax on fishery products sold.
You can quickly figure out what that means for our competitive power over producers in other countries that don\'t have to pay taxes.
This has been a topic for a long time.
A 1% national tax on export revenue.
To make matters worse, it will go back to 1987.
\"What purpose will the tax be used for,\" QFFI asked . \".
\"A welfare fund for fishermen,\" replied Thomas . \"
Later that evening, the conversation continued at the dinner of the can Company. Club.
The wooden paneled house comes with a popular exercise center, pool table, kitchen and dining room, which is just an example of Thomas taking care of employee benefits.
All people are allowed and encouraged to use the facility during breaks and off hours.
The band offers music and entertainment on weekends.
Thomas invited some of his food and scholarship exporters, as well as MPEDA officials and your officials.
Needless to say, one of the topics chosen in the conversation is the announced strike.
\"I just want everyone to be united or it won\'t work,\" one exporter commented . \".
\"We will, because we have to do that,\" one colleague insisted . \"
\"It\'s about survival.
\"The MPEDA member, who made every diplomatic effort to remain neutral that night, told the writer that they wanted to reach a compromise to avoid factory closures and the idling of thousands of workers.
When QFFI visited onFeb, Unit 3 factory, which selected the canned company.
28. The workers in line are busy packing the shell --
On IQF whiteshrimp ((United States)
In the US market.
\"We have shipped four containers in the past two weeks . \"
We processed 20 tons last week. -
Capacity is less than two tons.
The demand was so good that we sent everything out when we were ready.
\"The processor at another company told the writer that white shrimp was hard to find in the market for the previous few nights.
The reason suddenly became clear.
\"We got about 80% of the landings because we paid the fishermen more than the current price,\" said David . \".
It seems that Jose Thomas implemented his own version of the aFishermen welfare fund by paying a premium to the supplier. \"Why not?
He said to QFFI.
\"We got a fair price from our customers in the US and Europe.
\"All of our partners should benefit from it.
Trickle, I guess.
Economics of action!
The choice is almost entirely concentrated on shrimp, and about 80% of this raw material comes from the ocean. The rest --
Mainly black tiger. -
From aquaculture.
Here again, Choicepays is the highest price.
In addition, it also provides farmers with feed and other pre-Harvest expenditure.
Two HACCP of the company-
Batch Factory Cochinare with Bilwinco packaging machinery Frigoscandia IQFfreezers three-person transfer, cotton, cooked food cold mix shrimpin size range from 120/140 to 600/1, 000.
In addition, crumbs and various values-
Produce the added head foot and IQF/block of white, tiger and brown shrimp.
In the Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh, another selection unit specializes in the packaging of raw farms --raised tail-
On 13/15, 16/20, 21/25 and 26/30 size tiger shrimp.
The company is proud to be the first factory in India to build a fully integrated and automated plantto-
In addition, it is the largest exporter of IQF shrimp in the United States for consumer packaging salad. R.
Mridhu, senior manager in charge of quality assurance, noted that all processing-
From cooking and freezing to packaging-
It can be done without manual operation.
The benefit of doing so, she explained, is to prevent cross-contamination and increase productivity.
About 90% of the products selected are sold in the United States, and in the United States, its customer list is like \"Who is Who\" in shrimp marketing \".
Thomas P handles business in North America and Europe
Vice President Jacob.
His headquarters in North Brunswick, New Jersey, runs a supermarket with refrigeration facilities near Ambo, Perth.
Jacob, who has lived in America for more than ten years--
He happens to be Jose\'s brother. in-law --
There are industrial customers, supermarket chains, warehouse stores, club stores and food service dealers that are specifically targeted.
\"We also have a branch in London that is responsible for importing and distributing products in Europe,\" Jacobs said . \".
\"Our strategy to deliver production and distribution systems under a single umbrella enables us to meet the requirements of our customers and deliver highly competitive products.
Therefore, we are ready to achieve rapid growth in the next few years.
\"Blue sea food\"
A generation
Operating companies and corporate giants dominate the seascape in Kerala,
\"The spirit of a new entrepreneur lives well with people in maduganesh.
He was qualified as a businessman to buy and sell seafood goods in the UK for two years, and then two years of experience in Lisbon, Portugalbasedimporter-wholesaler.
In 1993, the time to establish a blue ocean food Pvt was correct. Ltd.
Cooperate with the Dutch M/S Atela international holding company under the Amati Group of Italy.
Five years later, Lanxi was one of the first factories in India to be allowed to export from Brussels to the EU market.
\"We have been at the forefront of implementing food safety and quality control systems in India,\" the general manager said . \".
\"Long before the EU asked to strengthen HACCP standards in external suppliers, we have developed the plan.
\"Lanxi took raw materials directly from the boats that were on the Hill.
Located in a coastal village on the outskirts of Kochi city, the facility is specially packaged with all frozen squid, rings and tentacles, as well as squid, octopus and shrimp.
The capacity of frozen products is 7 tons per day, plus 3 tons of IQF products. An on-
The Premise coolstore can accommodate finished products up to 200 tons.
Lansea mainly exports its products to buyers in southern Europe.
More than half of sales went to Spain.
Middle East and Asia.
Recently, it became an approved supplier for J.
The supermarket is retail in the UK.
At present, private brands in the north and south of the United States have broad prospects.
Madhu Ganesh, who is optimistic about the future, commented: \"Only companies with a solid production and marketing structure can survive the upcoming industry changes.
We are well positioned to address all challenges.
\"The FEMP outlet is concentrated on the head foot animals not far from the blue sea, and on the back water shore of albergpey, where Madhu\'s younger brother Raghu Ganesh established f. India)Pvt. Ltd. (Fax: 91-484-222192), a state-of-the-
10 tons of foot artfactory can be processed every day. An on-sitepre-
In order to achieve quality control, the processing center is separated from the freezing area.
Femp has established business relationships with customers in Australia, Vietnam, China and other countries while waiting for approval of shipping to the EU.
\"Vietnamese are currently more expensive than in Europe, and they are the main buyers of octopus.
Raghu said they only want the male of the species, \"which is re-processed and sold in the country . \".
\"This has always been, and is still one of the most intimate times in the entire Indian seafood industry,\" the manager told Frozen Foods International . \".
However, FEMP has not invested in a modern, compact factory for the time being.
He explained that the supply of raw materials had been inconsistent at a time when the Indian seafood industry was modernizing.
In fact, some plants are starting to import squid from California just to \"burn fingers\" the price --
It was wise when a large number of fishermen landed in India.
The FEMP executive believes that his company\'s close relationship with 150 ship owners will ensure that all orders from customers will continue to be met.
Turnover is $2.
Growth is expected to be 8 million this year.
The main national market of frozen shrimp products in India O = ton;
Billions of rupees; $ = millions;
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