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k.r. hospital gets cell counter machine

by:Kenwei      2019-08-21
A blood cell counter was installed at K. R.
On Wednesday, hospitals here will deal with blood surveys that have increased due to an increase in suspected dengue cases.
The number of such machines in hospitals has increased to three.
The lab was investigating about 200 samples earlier.
With the increase in fever cases, more than 1,000 samples began.
The test is conducted free of charge, while the private lab charges about 100 100-150.
A non-governmental organization came forward to lend a machine to deal with the rush.
In the presence of former minister Suresh Kumar, it was handed over to the laboratory and who asked the minister of medical education, Sharan Prakash Patil, to approve a cell counter, to overcome the patient\'s rush to investigate the blood.
Medical and Research Institute of Mysore (MMCRI)
Dean and Director
Krishnamurthy told Hinduism that the minister had instructed them to buy a cell counter and therefore would invite tenders to buy it.
Until then, machines provided by NGOs will be used.
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