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is a visit to the mall putting you at risk?

by:Kenwei      2019-09-07
Today, we all go through metal detectors in shopping malls, airports, cinemas and say out loud how harmful radiation is to people.
How often do you go to a shopping mall in today\'s time, the diversity or airport or almost everyone in any security risk area does so, and every visit has to come across ubiquitous metal detectors at the door.
When ongoing debate about the harmful effects of strong radiation from metal detectors and body scanners is of concern worldwide, X-is introduced in all these machines-
The damage of the radiation harness to the human body has been determined, and how harmful it is to be frequently exposed to these radiation.
It is believed that these radiation causes defects in the immune system, changes the DNA of individuals, and reduces the number of sperm in men.
The health risks of young children, the elderly, pregnant women and their unborn babies are more serious.
Many health experts have confirmed that no independent research has been conducted on these radiation transmitters.
Dr. Gavin Almel, a medical oncology consultant, said, \"there is not enough evidence of how harmful these radiation is.
We haven\'t found the relevant data yet, \"but added quickly,\" Of course, just frequent flight doesn\'t mean that the body scanners used at the airport can cause cancer.
This reaction is too alarmist.
\"There are also people like the leading toxicologist Dr. Hasnan Patel who disagree.
\"Radiation from human body scanners and metal detectors is definitely harmful to health.
The reason this problem is not studied is because these machines are driving a huge business.
The radiation from these machines is definitely cancer.
He asserted: \"causing the agent.
Dr. Rekha Davar, director of gynecology at JJ Hospital, believes that in this case, the safest option is to minimize radiation exposure to body scanners and metal detectors.
\"Although no research has confirmed the harmful effects of these machines, I still recommend that my patients avoid accidental contact.
If a person is occasionally exposed to these radiation, it may not be dangerous for him.
However, multiple contacts may cause harm to your health . \"
Dr. Kiran Coelho, a gynecologist at liavati hospital, shared a cautious mood.
\"Pregnant women must completely avoid body scanners and detectors, especially during the first three months of pregnancy, when the fetus passes through the organsgenesis (Organ formation),” she advises.
In addition to expectant mothers, patients with pacemakers are also at risk. Dr G. S.
Sainani, chief physician and chief physician of internal medicine at Jaslok Hospital, explained, \"for people who use pacemakers, metal detectors are very unsafe, and Pacemakers regulate the heartbeat of people who have a piece in the heart conduction system.
Metal detectors can disrupt the setup of this medical device, \"he added. \" As far as others are concerned, they must also avoid frequent exposure.
\"Depending on the level of radiation emitted, the body scanner is harmful.
Even like X-
Radiation, CT scanners and venography can emit harmful radiation and are not recommended to everyone. While taking X-
The technician was specifically asked to leave the room in order to avoid excessive
Vikram Pal of Versova V Care Clinic explains that body scanners are more dangerous.
\"If incompetent officials handle body scanners, radiation may increase, which will have a direct impact on people\'s health.
\"It could also be true if there is a technical error,\" he warned . \".
So the next time you go to the mall, like Sapna Katare, a housewife at Goregaon.
She pointed out and suggested: \"I just asked the waiter to pick up my child and hand her over to me after I finished my metal test and body scan, \"\" the mall manager must systematize this system in order to become a standard procedure in each mall.
Once in a while, I had to quarrel on this issue, but I was gunning a gun.
I don\'t mind having to go through a woman\'s adventure in a closed environment, but until one day the research irrefutable tells us that it\'s not harmful and I\'m not going to risk my kids.
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