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indian laundry detergent ad urges men to #sharetheload with women

by:Kenwei      2019-09-17
A commercial advertisement with a strong message urging fathers and husbands to help women with household chores spread quickly with the spread of the label SharetheLoad.
Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg shared the ad on her Facebook page on Wednesday, calling it \"one of the most powerful videos I \'ve ever seen.
\"When little girls and boys play at home, they imitate the behavior of their parents;
Not only does this affect their childhood games, it also shapes their long term games
Sandberg wrote next to the video that the video was viewed more than 2 million times on her Facebook post alone.
According to a commercial advertisement, a father in India is reading a letter to his daughter, who is bustling in the house,
When she takes care of her family, assign tasks on the phone.
\"My little daughter.
You\'re all grown up now.
You used to play home.
Now you manage your own house and office.
\"I am very proud and sorry,\" the father said in the advertisement . \".
The father continued: \"I have never told you that it is not your job alone, it is your husband\'s job, but what do I do when I have never helped your mother
\"Your husband must have learned the same thing from his father. . . .
Apologize to you on behalf of his father. . .
Apologize on behalf of every dad who set a wrong example.
The ad, produced by BBDO India, was posted on YouTube last week by Ariel India, a washing machine company in the P & G family.
\"For a long time, the advertising produced by the company also carries social information, but this is new because they are discussing very controversial topics in Indian society, patrick coffee advertising weekly magazine told ABC News.
\"As far as I know, it has gone viral in India and has sparked debate about how it realistically depicts the struggles faced by women in different parts of Indian society.
\"This week, the topic of women working from home has also made headlines, thanks to Melinda Gates, who raised the issue with her husband Bill Gates and published their annual letter, outlined the goals of their charity foundation.
In his letter, Gates wrote that women and girls \"will spend thousands of hours more than boys on unpaid work simply because society takes their responsibility.
\"When I talk about unpaid work, this is something we want to do at home with love, like taking care of our children or old people.
But it\'s like housework.
If you spend time, especially in the developing world, picking water, cutting firewood, even in the United StatesS.
Do laundry or housework, which means you don\'t reach your potential, \"Gates told Good Morning America.
Anchor Robin Roberts said in an interview broadcast on Wednesday.
\"Before you get married, you need to talk to your partner about who\'s role and responsibility.
What are the hidden expectations of this work?
Gates talked about her advice to women.
Ariel India\'s commercial ads on the topic have sparked a conversation on Twitter, where people are weighing on SharetheLoad hashtag.
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