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indian firms review security but hesitate at costs

by:Kenwei      2019-09-10
Mumbai, Rina Chandran, December 23 (Reuters)-
The Mumbai attack sounded the alarm.
Security experts say they are calling Indian hotels and businesses on security and terror insurance, but the economy is slowing down the traditional Penny.
Extrusion may hinder improvement.
After November, risk management has become a top priority. 26-
29 attacks in Mumbai have killed 179 people and are blamed on Pakistan
Chief executive of security company Mahindra Special Services, lagoraman, said, \"Security is the second cousin of everything else so far,\" said former Army officer Raman.
\"But right now, the company is making it a bigger priority and realizing that they need to allocate more time and money for it.
\"The Taj Mahal and Trident hotels are one of the 10 sites that were attacked in the Mumbai attacks, and international security services companies like Israel\'s ARES group have begun to set up offices in India.
The Taj hotel said it had taken initial steps to review its staff and suppliers and deployed plainclothes-clad armed men in some hotels.
\"We all recognize that we live in a very different world,\" said R . \"K.
Krishna Kumar, vice chairman of the Tata group, which owns the Taj Mahal hotel.
\"I believe this is a turning point in how the hospitality industry sees safety.
\"With more and more angry rhetoric between India and Pakistan, security measures for hotels, airports, shopping malls, cinemas, office buildings and apartments across India have been strengthened.
But 5,000
Ratan Shrivastava, defense analyst at Frost & Sullivan, said Strange private security companies are increasingly interested and only a few people can provide professional services.
\"Indian businesses are only now aware that it is not just checking luggage and vehicles, we are also facing a different kind of aggressor, a different environment,\" he said . \".
The Ares-
For example, APS venture provides psychological analysis, maritime safety, and-
Terrorism training conducted by former armed forces officers and intelligence experts.
However, most companies simply buy cheap metal detectors and don\'t have the right plans because they just want to be seen as primarily to reassure workers, says Raman.
\"In addition, the slowdown has made things harder,\" he said . \"
\"You may not have a budget even if you want to focus on security.
Radhakrishna Chamarty, director of insurance risk management and insurance brokerage services in India, said: \"This restriction may also prevent companies from choosing terror insurance, which is usually a supplementary clause of the standard fire policy.
General insurance companies in India are all linked to the terrorism insurance mutual fund established in 2001, with insurance premiums charged from the fund and claims settled from the fund.
While big companies have chosen coverage, smaller companies have backed down because most of the attacks in recent years have occurred in public places such as railway stations and markets.
Now, even smaller companies are keen on it, but all businesses still see insurance as a cut-off, Chamarty said.
\"The focus of the discussion is not on risk management,\" he said . \"
\"It\'s still about the price and they\'re negotiating to the last step, especially now, when they\'re keen to reduce the premium outflow. \" (
Editor Paul Daji, Katyal, sugida)
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