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india’s per capita plastic use among lowest: modi

by:Kenwei      2019-09-17
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Tuesday at World Environment Day celebrations that India is one of the world\'s lowest per capita plastic consumption, \"well below\" many developed countries.
However, he said India is committed to reducing the use of plastic and will join the clean ocean Program --a Sweden-
Initiatives to reduce waste in marine ecosystems.
The theme of this year\'s Environment Day is \"fighting plastic pollution\", which was organized in cooperation with the United Nations Environment Programme.
India is the global host of the event\'s 43 edition.
Officials attending the event included ministers of the environment, delegates from the United Nations and industry bodies.
\"Plastic poses a threat to human beings . . . . . . It has had a fatal impact on our marine ecosystem.
Scientists and fishermen are talking about the decline in fish numbers, warming the ocean, the disappearance of habitats, and the main cross
Boundary problem of micro-plastics,” Mr. Modi said.
He said that in the framework of Waste Management, India is the fastest growing economy in the world today, \"We are committed to improving the living standards of our people\" and \"ensuring that we do so in a sustainable and green way \".
He said that as part of the contribution determined by the state (NDC)
India promises to reduce 33-
35% of GDP emission intensity in 20052030.
According to the Central Pollution Control Commission, India produces about 15,000 tons of plastic waste per day, of which about 40% tons have not yet been collected.
About 70% of plastic packaging products become \"waste\" in a short period of time \".
Although plastic has a wide range of applications, the global rebound is against
Called \"disposable\" or disposable plastic
Used in bottles, cups, wrapping paper and bags.
They make more than half of the plastic together.
Two years ago, the Ministry of Environment informed the rules on the administration of plastic waste trying to control the manufacture of specific types of plastic.
However, some state and city companies failed to implement these rules effectively
In particular, the use of bags with a thickness of less than 50 microns is prohibited. (PTI input)
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