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increase in mount everest permits ‘costing lives’

by:Kenwei      2019-09-13
Experienced climbers say Nepal is reluctant to limit the number of permits it issued to climb Mount Everest, leading to dangerous overcrowding, and inexperienced climbers blocking others and causing
In this short season when the weather is clear enough to try to reach the top, climbers are packed with ice claws --to-
Ice Claws above South corsharp
The ridges on the edge, all caught in a rope, struggled to the top of the world, and every minute was in danger of death. googletag. {});
\"There are more people on Mount Everest than they should be,\" said Kur Bahadur gulon, secretary general of the Nepal Mountaineering Association, an umbrella group for all expedition operators in Nepal.
11 people have died this season, the highest number since 2015.
In the past month, two Irish climbers Lawless and Kevin Hayes died while climbing the mountain.
Robin Haines Fisher, a 44-year-old British climber, died when he came down from the top of the mountain on Saturday.
Everest is Namche Bajar from the solution Khumbu district of Nepal (
AP anjan Shrestha/AP)
Most people are considered to have altitude sickness, which is caused by low oxygen volume in high altitude areas and can lead to headaches, vomiting, shortness of breath and mental disorder. googletag. {});
Once only the well can reach
Rich elite mountaineering enthusiasts, Nepal\'s booming mountaineering market has reduced the cost of exploration and opened Mount Everest for enthusiasts and adventure enthusiasts --seekers.
They are required to have a doctor\'s record that they are in good health, but do not prove their endurance at such extreme heights.
Because of the altitude, climbers only have a few hours to reach the top of the mountain, and when the lungs are full of liquid, they have the possibility of edema.
From Camp Four, 8,000 (26,240ft)to the 8,850-metre (29,035ft)
Mount Everest is known as the \"death zone \".
When a person dies, the conditions are so tight, no.
A person can spend his energy lifting his body from the mountain.
Eric Murphy, a tour guide at Bellingham, Washington, said: \"Every minute there is important . \" He climbed Mount Everest for the third time in May 23.
He said the struggling climbers were apparently exhausted, but didn\'t-
Someone who guides or helps themEric Murphy (
AP anjan Shrestha/AP)
Only a handful of inexperienced climbers \"are enough to have a profound impact,\" he said \". googletag. {});
Nepal does not have any regulations on how many licenses should be issued, so anyone with a doctor\'s certificate can get a permit for $11,000 (£8,680)
Mohan Krishna Sapkota, Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, said.
According to the government, licenses have been issued to 381 people this year, the highest number ever.
Accompanied by them, the number of tour guides from the Nepalese ethnic Sherpas community is equal.
Some climbers were initially suspended from their permits in 2014.
When 16 Sherpa guides were killed in an avalanche, other Sherpas effectively went on strike, and their support as guides and porters was crucial.
Another factor is that China has this year restricted the number of clean permits issued to routes on the north side of Mount Everest for its territory. up.
The north and south sides of the mountain are scattered with empty oxygen tanks, food packaging and other sundries.
Instead of blaming the overcrowding on the weather, the equipment and the lack of supplemental oxygen, Mr. Sapkota blamed the deaths this year on the weather, the equipment and the lack of supplemental oxygen.
\"People have been concerned about the number of climbers on Mount Everest, but not because of traffic jams,\" Mr Sapkota said in Namche, as the town of Mount Everest\'s travel staging site. googletag. {});
But he said: \"Next season, we will try to have double ropes in areas below the top of the mountain so that the flow of climbers can be better managed.
The Nepalese government will encourage more tourists and climbers to come \"for happiness and fame\" instead of limiting the number of people trying to reach Mount Everest, saptoka said.
Pakistani mountaineer and travel company boss Mirza Ali, who boarded Mount Everest for the fourth time this month, said the approach was flawed.
\"Everyone wants to be on top of the world,\" he said, but tourists are unprepared for the extreme situation at Everest, which endangers the industry as a whole.
\"There are not enough checks to issue the license,\" said Mr Ali . \".
\"The more people come, the more licenses, the more business there is.
But on the other hand, it is also a big risk because it is life-consuming.
Indian climber Ameesha Chauhan recovered from a frozen toe at a hospital in Kathmandu, describing the pain of staying away from the peak when she realized that the supply of oxygen was insufficient.
Ameesha Chauhan was treated in hospital after being rescued in Kathmandu (
AP anjan Shrestha/AP)
Two of her team members were killed in the climb in May 16. googletag. {});
She returned and climbed the peak a week later.
\"Many climbers are too focused on getting to the top,\" she said . \"
\"Not only do they risk themselves, they risk others. ”-
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