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in search of ramanathapuram nudhal

by:Kenwei      2019-08-18
\"Only ladies enter.
Men are not allowed to \"on the streets of Kilakarai, a municipal town in Ramana Temple District, boards can be seen outside almost every house. The Muslim-
On a silent afternoon in Ramzan, the ruled town showed no signs of life.
The only dynamic place is Raaviyath, a small sweet shop located on the main road.
The counter was packed with a group of people who asked for nudhal to sell in Rs.
180 A kgI caught a student who said he knew a paati who was preparing for nudhal.
When we finally stopped and saw a wooden board that emphasized severe information, he suddenly led me down the narrow streets and even the narrow lanes.
The boy disappeared behind the maze of houses.
Even before I reached out to get the doorbell, Hameda peeped out of a small window.
\"I was told you did nudhal here?
I answered a wrong question. “Who told you? ” she retorted.
\"Who else is with you?
Do you have a camera?
\"Only pen and paper,\" I stammered.
She shouted to her mother, Hadiya bevivi, who was hiding behind the black curtain.
The driveway was so narrow that I half twisted and kissed the wall and pulled the curtains open and found that Hadiya bevivi was holding a large spoon and stirring the contents of the card with both hands.
The smoke that came out of the firewood and the heat in that little space made her sweat and flow on the back of prof.
She gave a toothless smile and motioned for me to wait because she finished making nudhal and would be sent to Ramanathapuram\'s oldest bakery-the main bakery, where it240 a kg.
I don\'t have a camera. She feels very comfortable.
She said she was the sixth generation of the industry.
She learned from her mother the art of making \"delicious nudhal\", a jaggery with the palm of her hand (karuppatti)
Coconut milk, rice noodles, butter, cashew nuts, cardamom.
The 77-year-old Hadija bevivi still produces 40 kg of nudhal for the four branches of the main bakery in Ramana Temple every day.
It was a long preparation, she said.
But she\'s not tired.
She has got used to the rigor of 50 coconuts, filtered the milk and manually stirred the ingredients by heating for hours.
\"It\'s like working out every day and keeping me healthy,\" she said with a smile . \".
Mix the ingredients and stir them to the correct consistency, it takes no less than 4 to 5 hours to prepare 30 to 40 kg lb nudhal, tudhal, Thoth, nodhal also have
It is usually prepared the day before the sale.
Delicious Chocolate Cream
Colorful dishes are a mix of Mumbai Karachi Hawa and Tirunelveli halwa.
It is not as hard as the former and slippery as the latter.
Nudhal tastes super soft in some shops.
It\'s chewy in other places.
But after the first bite, it melts in the mouth.
\"This is a palm jewelry that gives nudhal a unique taste,\" said Fathima, another lady . \".
Out of curiosity, I asked her about the \"no entry\" board on each door.
\"Most of us work in the Bay Area.
There are only women and children here.
\"Safety is a big problem,\" she said . \".
Nudhal is mainly prepared by Muslim women, and customers are basically from the same community.
\"Preparation is a good time for us.
Fathima said: \"We also made some money and his nudhal tastes like extra --
Sweet chakkara pongal, mainly the taste of palm and cardamom.
The things prepared are sticky.
Fortunately, I also tasted nudhal in Hadija, because when I arrived at a bakery in Ramanathapuram, the inventory of the day was over.
During the Ramzan month, the bakery business was booming.
Hadiya put nudhal in four barrels and sparkled in the afternoon sun.
I took a group.
Slightly hot, instantly dissolved in my mouth.
Many of her friends shared the same story about how they learned to make nudhal from their mother and heard them talk about their ancestors getting recipes from Ceylon, more than 200 years ago, it used to be a popular dessert.
Most of these women produce 20 to 40 kg pounds of nudhal a day, which they call \"energy food \".
Feed the baby a small bite of nudhal as food every day.
In the town of Ramanathapuram, two famous bakeries end their search for nudhal (
Master and ashwalia).
Half a dozen small and medium-
Large bakery available from Kilakarai.
The Aishwarya bakery on Salai Street has made nudhal through mechanized craftsmanship and is the only place to get you into the kitchen.
Venkatachalam, manager of the store, welcomed me to his comfortable third floor office, which was packed with customers.
The staff were busy packing, weighing and serving.
A piece of nudhal cut like a cake appeared on the banana leaves.
I enjoyed the gel-like treat.
The nudhal here is the most expensive for Rs. 250 a kg.
\"Customers of all ages are here to eat nudhal on all occasions and festivals.
Ramzan is a big advantage for us, \"said Venkatachalam.
In terms of appearance, he can tell if nudhal is doing well.
\"The temperature control and rotation speed of the machine is critical to condense the contents into a suitable scale and texture, he said, and guarantees that the nudhal purchased from his store remains good for three weeks.
Three stores in Ramanathapuram town sell 50 kg of nudhal a day.
\"Nothing is a waste because we can keep the sales going until the next day and many of our customers are from Malaysia and Singapore and they buy in bulk,\" he said.
Venkatachalam also shared the secret of his sale, \"We used pure ghee and mineral water in the preparation process, which made the taste different.
How it makes ingredients (For one kg)
: Coconut 18, palm sugar 250 gm, Jaggery 100 gm, Ghee 100 gm, rice flour 500 gm method: ground coconut and extract milk.
Make syrup with palm sugar and jaggery.
Or use palm sugar and white sugar.
Strain impurities.
Cook coconut milk and add rice noodles.
When adding the shortening and bean curd powder, pour the sweet syrup and continue to stir.
Keep the Medium heat stirring until the mixture condenses and reaches the desired consistency.
Sprinkle the chopped cashew nuts.
Keep calm.
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