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id fresh products + brand capital = a recipe for success

by:Kenwei      2019-09-18
This is a story of five cousins who are linked by a strong friendship, hatred for research and a strong resistance to linear thinking.
They were united by an idea.
Think big, think different.
On a quiet and cold night in ruuru, Bangladesh, the coins fell, and these cousins experienced the aha moment that led to the birth of Rs.
Brand 1000 cr, fresh food with ID.
P c Mustafa, CEO and co-president
Founder, ID fresh food, helping father to work in labor after school and on weekends as a childto-mouth.
Despite poor learning and failing the sixth standard, he completed engineering and MBA from the famous IIM-Bangalore.
Mustafa\'s cousins are the owners of The Choice store, a local grocery store located in the outskirts of tipardra, Bengaluru, back in 2008.
They always put their ears on the ground.
They sell more and more idli batter from local suppliers, but the number of complaints is also increasing.
This creates the idea of creating your own idli batter for sale.
They are keen to test prototypes of their ideas and business models and start their idli batter venture with a small investment in Rs. 50,000.
They rented an 80 square foot small room with a wet grinder, a weighing machine and a sealing machine.
Their plan is to make batter and supply it to 20 stores with the goal of selling 100 packs per day for 6 months.
Today, ID Fresh expands its capacity to 1 million idlis per day and plans to increase it to 10 million idlis per day.
The goal of ID Fresh is to provide consumers with a hygienic, branded, but family --
Like the delicious dosa and idli batter packaged in a largely unorganized market.
They positioned the brand as \"fresh and 100% natural\" and promised to act as a preservative
Free, hygienic and convenient.
They work with brand Capital, the strategic investment arm of The Times of India, and are able to create strong brand influence in the market and business growth they choose, 360-
Degree media attributes.
The brand targets urban consumers with a focus on professionals working in top metropolises who don\'t have the time and will to prepare for the batter
This is a long and tedious process.
They launched a printing campaign in The Times of India, adding time outdoors to expand their communication.
Today, their brand has expanded from the local market in Bangalore to various new cities and has grown to be like Malabar pallata, wheat pallata, Ragi Idli, Dosa Batter
What is the successful spell that led to the birth of Rs? 1000 cr. business?
1. build your own brand and your own enterprise.
From day one, ID Fresh branded their products.
They came up with the name \"ID --
The first letter of identity
Short and unique.
They have a great design and packaging to deliver a successful product.
2: no credit, only cash.
This makes the initial ID fresh food sales tough, but everyone seems happy with the idea as retailers get used to it.
3. stay focused.
In the first few months, the founder of ID fresh food resisted the temptation to extend to other product categories, and was not distracted by new ideas that might divert them from the original
4. obsessed with quality.
They bought the best raw materials and raised the price.
Customers pay a high price for quality.
5. make sure the company is profitable from the first day.
Fresh food made.
Profit for the first month was 400.
It is a bad way to start a business that one will eventually make a profit.
\"Eventually\" is like tomorrow --it never comes.
6. listen to your intuition: it is good to get feedback from others, but one cannot always listen to everyone.
A person needs to decide, believe, and then do it.
Doing what others say only ensures that someone is blamed when something goes wrong.
7: One size is not suitable for all.
Each market has its own unique challenges.
It is very important to do homework. don\'t take success for granted.
8. constantly innovate new products.
A person should make sure he is differentiated and valuable. added product. 9: On-
Choose the right investor.
People must go beyond the price tag that investors are working on. See value-
Increased from the comfort of investors and working with them.
The customer is the Queen.
A person must establish a strong connection with the customer and have a deep understanding of what role his or her product or service plays in his/her life.
Excerpt from Prakash Iyer\'s book-You Too Can.
To learn more about brand Capital, visit www. brandcapital. co.
LinkedIn and Twitter Media Contact details: Brand Capital brandcapital @ timesgroup.
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