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hundreds delayed at nyc airport after tsa agent leaves metal detector unplugged

by:Kenwei      2019-08-31
Hundreds of passengers at Terminal 7 of JFK Airport in New York were forced to resubmit security checks to check that departing guests had contraband after being found on Saturday by a TSA agent who failed to plug in a metal detector.
The traffic safety administration said publicly that the accident was caused by a \"fault\" of the metal detector, but in the case of anonymity, many sources said that the problem was actually more specific.
\"This is just a machine that unplugs --
A source told the New York Post that TSA did its best.
As a result of goof, two aircraft preparing or taking off were recalled to the runway so that TSA security personnel could conduct safety checks on passengers with a functioning machine.
When investigating the incident, the New York Port Authority was forced to stop screening passengers throughout Terminal 7 and delayed the aircraft by more than two hours.
The Post reported that a passenger wrote on Twitter: \"How many hours will it take to send a terminal full of people back through security measures . \".
Port Authority officials closed the terminal for more than two hours while retraining and evaluating the passengers.
The source told the Post, however, in the end, this could be attributed to the screening person Alija Abdul Majed, who did not notice the metal detector for the lane number
1 do not work during the morning shift.
\"The fact is that this is the failure of the most basic level of diligence,\" a law --
Force the execution source to be added to the post.
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