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how is truck dispatch system solving the problem in logistics industry?

by:Kenwei      2019-09-18
Nowadays, trend truck scheduling software like Trukky is on the rise as they are providing
Both parties are required to provide transportation servicestime and full-
Time load segment.
These software applications make the work of the shipping business very easy.
With this growth, many truck aggregators are increasingly taking advantage of the logistics management application to change themselves and solve problems in the transportation industry.
They are all trying to transform their business into a mobile platform, from delivery to operations, from warehouse management to supply chain, making everything more convenient.
Current range and market size of truck aggregators in India
Demand transport services currently account for only a small part of this transportation market, but are balanced with exponential growth, and its credit is due to the truck application solution.
Uber\'s trucking solution seems to be the current trend, and there is no difference in the Indian transport sector. The on-
Demand transportation services are nearly 20% cheaper than offline players.
So far, the benefits that would have been available to transport owners and users have not been realized.
The truck industry has not changed much in the past 20 years.
For Indian entrepreneurs, the truck industry has always been one of the most profitable.
Simple financing options for the same truck or a new truck can be almost at 3-
In addition, 75% of its initial value or original value is 4 years.
It ensures that all banks are properly resolved.
For the owners of the small fleet, the proportion of profits may be limited, but the return on investment will be high.
Profits declined as fleet numbers increased.
India\'s trucking business prefers modest returns compared to economic sales.
Not just profit, the increase in some fleets adds some operational complexity, for example: these factors reduce the profitability of fleet owners by nearly 10 k per month.
In addition, these transport industry challenges enable truck aggregators to automate their business.
They consider integrating truck dispatching software with logistics management applications to make their business scalable by keeping margins unaffected.
So truck companies choose to hire mobile app developers to make their business more organized.
In India, unorganized trucking operations have been driven. Unorganized trucking businesses will all be driven by new players who have launched an Uber-like trucking solution
Used to be inefficient in loading and unloading.
The truck aggregators of each startup are dealing with the challenges of the fleet industry, a little different.
Sometimes they hire mobile app developers to create logistics management applications.
It allows company customers to check the availability of trucks, manage the goods, and track the trucks.
In terms of supply, car owners can see the location of the truck or browse the needs of India.
Mobile and web application development companies help fleet operators expand their companies without any complexity and burden.
Look, how did they do it?
Conclusion The trucking company has not yet adopted any logistics management application.
They were not tied. up with the on-
Even if there are a lot of drivers and operators that have smartphones, they need trucking services and operate them properly.
The truck dispatch system tries to make the transaction cashless so that it is not needed
Cash flow should not exist.
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