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horror at georgia golf course community: grandson shoots his grandmother, kills her husband and then opens fire on cops before being tackled and arrested by hero officers

by:Kenwei      2019-08-21
A Georgian man was arrested after an exchange of fire with police, who allegedly shot and killed his grandmother and husband.
Patrick Canada, 25, is charged with murder and serious attacks, and Pamela Lynn Henn, 64, is accused of shooting and wounding.
Police said he also shot and killed Douglas Keith Henn, the husband of his 59-year-old grandmother. The 25-year-
Old, living with his grandmother and stepfather
911 dispatchers heard their grandfather at their house and argued with them for a while before he shot.
Police responded to a family dispute at the Holo Lake court at 9: 00 on Sunday night at the golf course community Chapel Hill Division in Daoshu County. 15pm.
When the police arrived, they found Canada carrying a pistol and started shooting at the AJC police. com.
Police in doublville said Officer Thomas Lee Altman was the first person to arrive at the scene.
\"Our officer arrived at the scene and he heard the riots in the house when he found the door open and checked the safety of the people inside, Major Douglas ville police J. he said he began walking into a house where he met a suspect with a pistol. R. Davidson.
Canada opened fire on the officer, who kept shooting until his gun failed.
Altman retreated to the patrol car to prepare his rifle when he saw Pamela Henn fleeing from his grandson.
She suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was rushed to hospital.
She survived the incident, but the situation was unknown.
Douglas Henn\'s body was found in a pool of blood with multiple apparent gunshot wounds.
When Canada tried to escape, Altman confronted him outside the hotel and arrested him without any further shooting.
The police have not announced the motive for the shooting.
A spokesman for the Douglas ville Police Department said: \"The cause of the shooting is still under investigation by the main case department, but it looks like Patrick Canada and his steps --
Grandpa had a fight in front of the gentleman.
Canada recovered the gun and started shooting.
The Douglas ville Police Department and the main case Department are investigating the incident.
He is currently in prison and has no contact.
A mugshot that was splashed with blood was released.
It is not clear whether the blood belongs to him or to his victims.
According to their social media posts, operations administrator Pamela and Douglas Henn, sales manager for automated packaging systems, got married in May 2012.
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