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hobbyist rewrites viking history, keeps the change

by:Kenwei      2019-08-24
A British man who rewrote the history of the Middle Ages during his lunch break found previous evidence
Unknown King Viking
Darren Webster, a metal detector enthusiast, stopped at a venue near Canforth in northern England to practice his hobbies and found a pile of silver Viking treasures buried underground
9 m below the Earth ,(London)
The Times reported, \"my machine told me I would be fou.
\"There is some silver,\" Webster said . \"
\"So I was a little frustrated when I saw a lead pan.
Just as I lifted it, the silver began to fall from the inside.
\"201 silverware-
Including 27 coins and 10 arms.
The ring, six pieces of brooch, two rings, a thin line of braids and 14 pieces of ingots-
Exhibited at the British Museum. Dr.
Gareth Williams, curator of the museum\'s early medieval coins, said the auction could be awarded \"fivefigure sum.
\"When calculating the exact value of the Silver Reserve next year, Webster will be allowed to retain half of its value with the owner of the field, who wants to be anonymous and take the other half.
Researchers will now try to find out more about the mysterious King, who will rule Northumbria in the northeast of England when the Vikings settle in England and convert to Christianity.
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