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halamish attack: the writing was all over the wall

by:Kenwei      2019-08-29
The heart exploded at the blast site.
Terror is terror, murder is murder.
There is nothing to justify this behavior and nothing to make it look less serious.
A wonderful family
Unforgivable murder
The murderer is responsible for the murder, from his relatives to the instigators on social media, as are all those who incited and helped him.
Young Palestinians are trying to carry out terrible, baseless acts in the name of religion, and this ease casts a shadow over the opportunity for real reconciliation.
But we are sovereign forces, we are neighbors on the other side of the fence, outside the curve of the road.
We have not ignored their choices.
We don\'t need to fall in love with them;
We have-à-
They are indomitable, coherent and rational in the face of these people.
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