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guests give top marks to italian gourmet jail

by:Kenwei      2019-08-30
Waltella, Italy (Reuters)-
In the most upscale restaurant in Italy, safety is understandable.
Guests are subject to background checks when booking.
They were collectively accepted, mobile phones and bags confiscated, and then tested with metal detectors.
At the candlelight table in the original church on the 14th
The 15th-century castle, the meal itself is eaten with plastic tableware.
But even though this is the top of the Petronas Medicea
Safe prison, white wine
Sobyano-keeps flowing.
\"The standard of food is great --
The atmosphere, the people and the place are incredible, \"said Sharon Kennedy, a resident of waltella but a dinner lover from Scotland, who came to the prison to have a special dinner.
Prisoners in the picturesque Tuscan town prison
Surrounded by rolling green hills and Browntiled villas —
I changed their casual pants to shirts and bow ties.
They are preparing a hearty meal for curious diners who want to experience prison life.
As part of the charity fundraising program, the aim is also to teach cooking and waiting skills to help prisoners find work after their release.
The program, which began in 2006, turns prisons into restaurants several nights a year.
Guests book a table at a price of 35 euros (28 pounds)
Through the head of the local travel agency, the travel agency is also a long-termDistance from diners.
Surrounded by watchtowers and safety devices, the waiter smiled and joked with the guests of about 100 people as they served tuna tartartare with citrus puree, seasoned with sweet wine and fish
Also on the menu for tonight: a tomato puree and Capacho with salad leaves and Parmesan cheese.
It\'s a strawberry platter for the desert.
39-\"It\'s not just a distraction, it\'s a distraction,\" he said . \"
Arena Aniello, prisoner of age
He is from Naples and has been jailed for murder since 1993: Tonight, he is a waiter. “(Prison life)
Like a copier.
You leave your cell, you go to work, you exercise-
The day is always the same. It becomes a habit.
So this is a great thing.
\"The prison dinner is one of several initiatives in Italy aimed at teaching the prisoner\'s work skills: Women at Milan\'s San vitore prison are learning tailor skills to help them return to normal life after serving their prison sentences.
In the kitchen, the pot was boiling and the oven was baked around the Filipino chef and prisoner Joseph as he placed a fine layer of carpaccio on the plate.
\"Cooking is my passion,\" he said . \" He refused to reveal his guilt.
In addition to working under armed guards, the main limitation on him is that he must obtain permission if he wants to use a knife. “Plenty of (people)outside . . .
I think we are here because we are bad outside, that\'s all. We want to prove to them that we are not like this.
\"Dinner was very successful: The table was booked in advance and a diner said he drove his family about 200 km (124 miles)
Experience it. The 30-
A strong team of chefs, kitchen attendants and sommelier has been carefully selected.
Fortezza Medicea has 150 prisoners who are jailed for Mafia, drug-related crimes
Trafficking and kidnapping were not involved.
This year, the chefs at the local restaurant worked with the prisoners for the first time.
\"Our goal is to make the chef more professional. . .
\"In order for people to live in a prison open to the city,\" said Mariagrazia Giampiccolo, director of the prison . \".
For prisoners
He also has Tailor\'s workshops, theaters and schools in prison.
Contact with the outside world is a welcome change.
Francois, who was born in Senegal, said: \"Serving the people has never been a proud thing, but it is a way to interact with people . \" He will only add that he \"has been in prison for a long time \".
\"We don\'t exchange ideas, but it\'s a huge change, a new face, compared to everyday monotony.
It\'s more interesting than staying in a cell.
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