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gambian rodents risk death for bananas

by:Kenwei      2019-08-26
Michael Wines wrote in gondola, Mozambique, that a mouse salivating over mines is contributing to humanity.
Almost all mine detection methods have their disadvantages.
Mines and nails cannot be distinguished by metal detectors.
Armored bulldozers only work well on flat ground. Mine-
Sniffing dogs can get bored and get blown up if they make a mistake.
The giant pou mouth rat in the Gambia may be a mine detector that has not been designed by humans or nature.
In the countryside of Mozambique, Frank weteyens and his team of 16 giant mice are proving this.
Equipped with micro wire harness and connected to 10-
The one-meter-long clothesline, the long tail slapping back and forth, the mouse walking around the clothesline, the beard twitching, and the nose tasting the air.
A fashionable Erlangyear-
The old woman wearing a bright red harness paused in half of the team, sniffed, turned back, and then sniffed again.
She gave the red clay a decisive scratch with two front paws.
Her coach Kassim Mgaza took two metal clicks and Wanjiro swayed to him for her reward --
A banana and a pet with deep feeling.
\"What Pavlov did to his dog was exactly what we did here --
Very basic conditions, \"said Mr. weteyens, a 42-year-old Thin Man. year-
Old Belgian working in Antwerp
Mining group called Apopo.
Wanjiro was rewarded for sniffing out TNT
Full of mines, this is one of her scores underground at the training ground where she works five days a week.
Like all training mines, the mine was removed.
However, if approved by the Mozambican authorities, she and her companions will move from the dummy to the minefield at the end of the Year --
The first Certified Professional mine in the worlddetecting rats.
\"Animal testing, especially for dogs, has increased a lot in the last three or four years,\" de-
Mining methods of the Geneva Centre for International Humanitarian Affairsmining .
But in many cases, he said, \"it may be better to use mice than dogs \".
The number of mice is large, the price is cheap, and the transportation is convenient.
They were so light that they accidentally detonated mines.
They can screen the scent of mines better than any machine.
Not even the best mine.
Detect dogs or people, they are ruthless singleminded.
Mr Weetjens said: \"throw a stick for the dog to get it, and after 10 times the dog will say, \'Go get it yourself, bad \'. \".
\"As long as the mice want to eat, they will continue to work.
\"They still have a lot of work to do.
The international mine ban campaign estimates that, from anti-mine action to now, 100 million mines have been planted worldwide.
Personnel and-
Tank mines hidden above the ground
Ground mines triggered by trip lines.
Although the civil war in Mozambique ended almost 12 years ago, in the last year alone, more than 10,100 mines were discovered and destroyed by engineers, and mine explosions killed or injured 14 people.
Experts say the speed of land
Global mine detection has slowed in recent years, partly because of the death of its celebrity spokeswoman, Princess Diana.
However, there is also a shortage of mine experts.
Dogs are becoming more and more popular in mine clearance;
About 200 people are currently working in Afghanistan, where mines are serious.
But it\'s hard to keep them healthy, especially in tropical Africa.
They want to please so much that a simple misconception of the body language of their coaches can make them show that there are no mines or ignore the real ones.
A few years ago, Belgian organizations began looking for an animal with a dog\'s sense of smell on mines, but without any shortcomings.
They found the big pou rats in Gambia and Africa.
Named after it stores food, hamster-
Style, on the cheek).
Up to 75 centimeters, the mouse in most of the Ya
Sub-Saharan Africa has been held captive for eight years, while the wild \"savagery\" is so tame in breeding that some people keep them as pets. -
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