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full-body scanners not foolproof, says cisf

by:Kenwei      2019-08-25
After the test is full
Human body scanner at Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA)
For three years, the Central Industrial Security Forces (CISF)
The security system is not foolproof. A full-
The body scanner checks if a person has hidden metal objects and weapons.
At the last trial in December 2016, CISF, in charge of IGIA\'s safety, raised concerns about the machine\'s inability to adapt to the Indian way of dressing, whenever a woman in Sally passed it, it gives a false alarm.
The scanner also found it difficult to detect objects hidden in footwear.
Assistant Inspector General Hemendra Singh said: \"This is not a safe 10 thousand security system (AIG)
And CISF spokesperson.
After the scanner report, we decided to continue using the existing security system under which the passenger passes through the door frame metal detector and then searches the body by hand
A metal detector was held, said Mr. Singh.
Mr. Li gave a detailed introduction to other security measures implemented at the airport.
\"We have launched a fast-track security facility for passengers carrying hand luggage,\" Singh said.
We also place special emphasis on passengers-
Different friendly screeningabled.
As a tool for aviation safety, we will also focus on passenger character and behavior detection. ”‘Non-
Non-core work
\"The core work of the airport will be outsourced to private security to increase the presence of CISF personnel in other important locations,\" he added . \". Mr.
The full body scanner system can help \"smart pilots\" who know the airport\'s security risks, so they will never hide metal objects without knowledge or knowledge, Singh said.
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