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full-body airport scanners dumped for being \'ineffective\'

by:Kenwei      2019-08-24
AFTER a six-
The Italian government will stop using it all-
According to the Italian Daily Mail, the body scanners for airport security checks judged them to be slow and ineffective.
Scanners in Rome, Venice and the southern city of Palermo are no longer in use, and Milan airport may stop using these machines in the near future.
\"We didn\'t get good results from the body scanner during the test, it takes a long time to check a person, more important than manual check,\" Vito Riggio said . \", President of the Italian aviation authority.
According to Corriere della Sera, officials also believe that measures taken to address the privacy of the use of scanners have weakened the effectiveness of machine positioning weapons and explosives.
The final decision to use these machines will be made by the government commission.
Passengers checked with a body scanner are required to pass through a normal metal detector and then walk into the scanner cabin, which is three metres long (10 feet)
Two metres high and wide.
When the machine locates the object through a low level, they are asked to raise their hands to stand
Radio waves of frequency
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