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flights resume in istanbul after attack

by:Kenwei      2019-09-05
Before dawn on Wednesday, the plane had begun landing, after the airport --
One of the largest cities in the area
After the attack the night before, it had been completely closed for several hours and the focus of the attack was on arriving at the pier.
Hundreds of flights were canceled or delayed after the attack, and delays remained widespread.
Turkish Airlines, which had to cancel more than 340 flights, offered refunds or alternative tickets, but many travelers still felt confused.
The attack comes as Turkey\'s main tourism sector has been hit by terrorist attacks and diplomatic quarrels with Russia in recent months.
The number of foreign tourists fell by 35 percentage points in the fifth quarter, the latest in a sharp drop in a row.
In multiple explosions and gun battles by police and attackers, the exterior and interior of the building were damaged.
Three suicide bombers attacked around 9 on Tuesday.
Twenty o\'clock P. M. Tuesday (
AEST 0420 on Wednesday)
In addition to themselves, officials said, 36 people were killed, an estimated 147 were injured, and foreigners were among the dead and injured.
Witnesses reported explosions and shootings at different locations in the airport\'s International District.
Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said the Islamic State is the main suspect, who visited the airport overnight and announced that the airport was open for inbound and outbound flights.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has condemned \"terrorist attacks\" against \"innocent civilians \".
The US State Department issued a warning on Monday that Turkey had \"increased threats \".
After the attack, American aviation authorities suspended all flights to and from Turkey.
Turkish officials say one attacker detonated explosives inside the terminal through security checks, while another attacker detonated himself outside the terminal and a third attacker detonated explosives in the parking lot.
Ataturk conducted a security check with X-
Before inspection, the machine and metal detector at the entrance of the terminal-
At the counter, under passport control.
Tuesday\'s attack was the worst in more than a decade.
In the past year, IS has carried out numerous attacks in Turkey.
Three weeks ago, a Kurdish separatist group claimed an attack near the historic bazaar, killing 11 people.
Two other attacks in the city this year have been blamed on IS and car bombings in the capital Ankara.
On December, the Sabiha Gokcen airport in the Turkish capital, Fort Istanbul, was hit by mortar allegedly owned by the Kurdistan Free Falcon, killing at least one staff member.
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