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fleecing the american taxpayer: the profit incentives driving the police state

by:Kenwei      2019-09-10
If the federal government seems to have an absolute motto, it is that American taxpayers are always deceived.
S. Taxpayers are not only forced to \"spend more on state, municipal and federal taxes than the annual financial burden on food, clothing and housing combined \", \"But we are also treated as a simple sign by cheats with government imprimatur.
With every new tax, fine, fee and law passed by our so-
Known as the representative, the shackles on the neck of ordinary Americans seem to tighten a little more.
Like most things, if you want to know the real motivation behind any government project, follow the path of money.
When you dig deeper, as I recorded in the book \"American battlefield: war against the American people, you will soon find that those who profit from the Americans are being watched, fined, searched, investigated, shot, arrested and imprisoned, in addition to the police who arrested them and tried their courts, imprisonment for their prisons, as well as companies that manufacture weapons, equipment and prisons used by the United States police state.
Example of profit legalizationover-
People, Government
The extortion of sanctions abound.
In schools: public schools have become a microcosm of the entire monitoring state that currently dominates the United States, using a series of monitoring technologies, includes cameras, finger and palm scanners, iris scanners, and RFID and GPS tracking devices to maintain constant attention to the student\'s body.
Similarly, military industrial complexes with military weapons, metal detectors and compliant weapons such as Taser guns have successfully changed schools ---
Huge losses and personal interests of taxpayers-into quasi-prisons.
It seems strange that none of these efforts have succeeded in making the school safer.
On the Road: For a long time, it has been understood that the police department has a quota for how many tickets are issued and how many people are arrested each month, which is directly linked to income.
Similarly, the red light camera scheme-
Sold to the community as a means of reducing traffic accidents at intersections, but in fact, it is only a vehicle that imposes nuisance fines on drivers and usually only makes one right --
Red light on hand--
It has been shown that while actually leading to more accidents, there is no effect on increasing safety.
That said, the money
Fraud, which can also be used as a surveillance camera, is caused by income to uninformed drivers.
Despite the revelations of corruption, collusion and fraud, this remains the case with hungry municipalities.
In prison: states now have quotas to meet how many Americans are in jail.
More states are signing up to keep prison capacity between 90% and 100%. This profit-
In turn, the driving form of mass punishment has led to the $70 billion private prison industry, which relies on the collusion of state governments to maintain the flow of funds and the enrichment of private prisons, whether crime goes up or down.
Private prison companies have been supporting and helping with writing, according to Mother Jones. . .
Laws to increase the prison population.
Their livelihood depends on the towns, cities and states that send more people to prison and leave them there.
\"Prisoners have been forced to provide cheap labor for private companies.
No wonder when violent crime is rampant, the United States has the largest prison population in the world --time low.
In the endless war abroad: Driven by profits --
Driven by the military industrial complex, the government\'s endless war is causing serious damage to our communities, budgets and police forces. Having been co-
With the choice of greedy defense contractors, corrupt politicians and incompetent government officials, America\'s ever-expanding military empire is draining the country at a rate of over $57 million an hour, this is just the department budget.
2016 of defense, its 1000-plus U. S.
Military bases are all over the world.
Incredibly, despite the U. S. S.
The United States accounts for only 5% of the world\'s population, almost 50% of the world\'s total military spending, and more military spending than the 19 largest countries in the future add up.
In fact, the Pentagon spends more on war than all 50 states spend on health, education, welfare and safety combined.
In the form of militarized police: the Department of Homeland Security regularly distributes 6-
Enabling local municipalities to purchase grants from the Army
Vehicles of style, and veritable war treasure chest from tactical vests, bombs to weapons
Disarm robots, offensive weapons and combat uniforms.
This increase in military equipment purchases was made by Andrew Becker and G, analysts at the US Department of Homeland Security. W.
\"Parallel to the obvious increase in the local special police force.
\"What is the final result?
Explosive growth in the use of the special police force to handle other regular police matters, the tendency of the police to shoot first and then ask questions, and an overall mentality within the police force that they are in a state of war ---
Citizens are enemy fighters.
More than 80,000 SWAT raids on American families and businesses are conducted each year.
All the evil acts you read in the newspaper every day: these are the taxes you pay when you work.
It\'s your money to have government agents monitor your emails, your phone, your text messages and your actions.
It\'s your money. of-
Control the police to rush into the homes of innocent people or investigate and search the drivers on the roadside.
It is your money that leads innocent Americans across the country to be prosecuted for harmless activities such as raising chickens at home, growing vegetable gardens and trying to live off the grid.
Remember, the next time you see a news report that makes your blood boil, whether it\'s the police who arrest someone for filming the news in public, or a child is kicked out of school for shooting an imaginary arrow, or a homeowner is threatened with a fine for building a pond in his backyard, remember, it\'s your taxes that pay for these injustices.
So what are you going to do?
There was a time in our history when our ancestors said \"enough\" and stopped paying taxes to the government they thought was illegal.
They stick to their position and refuse to support a system that is slowly killing any self-attempt.
It refused to be responsible for its crimes against the people.
Their resistance planted seeds for the next revolution.
Unfortunately at 200-
Since we have established our own government, we have made bankers, traitors and figures
The creaky bureaucrats messed up the waters and stole accounts so much that we went back to where we started.
Once again, we have an authoritarian regime where the rulers of the empire want to do whatever they want.
Our judicial system once again insists that we have no rights under a government that requires the people to move forward in accordance with the provisions of the government.
Once again, we have to decide whether to move on or break the pace and turn to freedom.
But what if we don\'t just take out our wallets and meet the outrageous demands of the federal government for more money?
If we don\'t just queue up and give up our efforts with due diligence
Put the earned money into the collection bucket, no question asking how to use it?
What if we didn\'t send the check quietly, hoping in vain for a meager return, but instead made a little calculation ourselves and started to deduct the items we refused to support from the tax?
If we have no right to decide what will happen to our difficulties
Cash earned, then we don\'t have much right at all.
If they can get what they want from you, when they want it, and then use it as they want it, on the land they think is theirs, you can\'t claim to be a slave.
This is the case in the colonial era, and this is the case now.
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