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fertilizer bags found to be underweight in tirunelveli

by:Kenwei      2019-09-15
Department of Agriculture officials conducted a random inspection of fertilizer retail stores throughout the region to verify the weight of the fertilizer bag after the \"complaints of insufficient weight.
After Hindus published a report based on complaints from farmers saying that the bulk of the fertilizer bags sold by retailers here were under weight, Department of Agriculture officials were led by co-director K.
A surprise inspection was conducted by Soundarajan.
\"The weight change is very small, and I have talked to the relevant officials to correct the problem,\" he said . \"Soundararajan.
Retailers at Alangulam, Tenkasi, Maanur and sankarankoville said that this \"minor change\" caused huge losses to farmers and should be stopped permanently.
In a store in Maanur, \"small changes\" are between 44.
50 kg and 46 kg, although the information printed on the plastic bag shows that it contains 50 kg of potash fertilizer.
There is no 50 kg fertilizer in the bag. Trader S.
Mohamed Ali received a confirmation from officials that the bags were under weight.
MDMK has decided to seek a remedy from the court.
Party Secretary S.
Joel, who filed a lawsuit with the Madras High Court earlier seeking court intervention, decided to file a lawsuit with the court again.
He said: \"In addition to praying for the automatic fertilizer packaging system, I will also pray for CBI\'s investigation into this matter . \"Joel.
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